Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weigh in, healthy moles and soon to be normal legs

The past few days have been a whirlwind for food.

I have eaten a lot of junk, including a lot of nasty chinese food, a little yummy chinese food (that does not equal a yummy life) and basically feeling like crap.

For me, indulging in foods that I know will make me feel sick and guilty is a little cycle of self loathing that is not even fun... but has obviously served me in some way.

The girlfriend made a big batch of pumpkin bake last night and we have some good, low carb fare coming up....

In good news, my moles that they biopsied are normal! Wahooo!!! For those who know about the ABCD's of melanoma, guess what?! They have added an E! Evolving!

This blog is all over the place, but so has my life lately.

Weighed in this morning at 224.0, which is my lowest weight ever. 82.6 pounds lost! Well, besides I was a kid an all that... but seriously, I think I was right around this weight in middle school if you want to know the truth!!

Reconstructive knee surgery is on the August 23rd. That seems like a common going-back-to-school date if you ask me, which fits because I really am going to be going through a brand new cycle in my life. By Christmas, I will be walking around with my newly-aligned leg! Any kind of annoying pain is just a reminder to me that I will eventually be in less pain after this surgery.

Getting healthy takes some being selfish. Putting yourself first at all costs..... If you aren't there for yourself, you will never be able to be there for anybody else.


  1. Ang, blogger wont let me comment anymore!! I had a long comment but then blogger made me wade through 30 minutes of stuff and then I lost my comment!!! I'm only able to comment with my wordpress blog!!!

  2. Nancy, that sucks so bad... :( I miss you!!

  3. I'm back, I figured out what the glitch was! Apparently there is a blogger glitch still unresolved but it doesnt affect everyone. In order to bypass the glitch I have to untick the box that says "stay signed in" otherwise it signs me out continuously! How ridiculous huh. It doesnt make sense! But apparently this is the bypass and it works so hurray! :-)