Saturday, April 30, 2016

Low carb menu

 What I ate
- 10 eggs total, all fried in butter
- One head of lettuce
- 3.5 ox cream cheese

25 min walk, not brisk

Friday, April 29, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg
- Two eggs
- Three eggs
- Three eggs
- Half a head of iceberg lettuce

All eggs fried in butter.

Exercise: Walked for 30 mins

Weighed in at 172.6... yay!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Egg fasting due to sheer luck

- One egg
- Four eggs
- Four eggs with iceberg lettuce (not exactly sure how much lettuce as it was prepared and eaten in the middle of my night's sleep)

Fried in butter (obv!)

I think that part of the reason I have been eating so many eggs is 'cuz that's basically all I have in the house... I mean, other than a bunch of frozen meat, but that is not exactly "on the ready."


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg
- Four eggs
- Four eggs with half a head of iceberg lettuce
- A couple tablespoons of butter

The last thing was made middle of the night...

I hope to get my car out of the shop today.  Kinda getting cabin fever... Plus, I have library books that are waiting for me.

Exercise: Brisk walk

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Seemingly still eggfesting

- One egg
- Two eggs
- Two eggs
- Two eggs
- Quite a bit of mustard
- Four eggs

All fried in butter......

(The last four eggs were made in the middle of the night, which is not ideal, but it beats eating 20 servings of condiments... oh, my life! .)

Planked for 2:50...
 Wow... Doesn't my menu just seem boring?  You know what is funny?  I seriously do not get bored with my menu.  I like knowing what to expect.  I think that some people would get bored with it and prefer adventure and to change things up a bit, but I do like eggs. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg
- Two eggs
- Four eggs

All eggs were pan-fried in butter...

2:45 plank
25 minute brisk walk
8 min upper back/neck stretching video

Yay, no late night eating last nite!!! (I put some stuff in front of the fridge to 'remind' me not to do anything that would not serve me in the future).

Weighed in at 178.4.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg
- Two eggs
- Three tablespoons butter
- 3.25 eggs
- 3/4 of a head of iceberg lettuce with 16 oz Ranch dressing

weigh-in: 182.6

I get up in the night and eat.  I fucking can't stand it. 

I need to make NOT eating at night > eating at night.

We always go for the >.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg
- Two eggs
- Three eggs
- 24 oz of mayo  (gross)
- 3/4 of a head of lettuce

I'm just not gonna have mayo around anymore. (relief)

Weigh in: 181.4

I started phentermine yesterday.  I went to the doc for a refill on my basic meds and started talking to him about my weight... I just want to quit obsessing about food so much and stop gaining.... not to mention, get to goal before I get my skin surgery !!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg
- Two eggs
- Four eggs with mustard & 1/4 cup mayo - also half a head of iceberg lettuce

Exercise: 2:50 plank and 23 minutes on recumbent bike

Weigh in: 185.0

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Learning the same lessons

- One egg, fried in butter
- One tablespoon butter
- A pound of sausage
- 3/4 head of lettuce
- 3.5 oz bag of pork rinds
- 3/4 bottle of bacon ranch dressing
- 3 oz bacon

Middle of the night eating.........

I do better just cutting it out altogether.  I eat mindlessly, in front of the fridge, door open... ear plugs sometimes in.... In desperation mode... in screwingmyselfover mode....

I'm done with the self sabotage that happens in the night.  It's not a restful night's sleep.  It's no way to live and a fast way to die.  It throws me so out of whack that I wake up with sweaty pajamas, feeling sick, a mess in the kitchen...

Just saying "no" to late night eating is going to be easier than just doing it here and there.  Moderation is not my friend... For me, abstinence is >.

Weighed in at 186, which is nine pounds up in a day.  :/

Exercise: Planked for 2:50

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg, fried in butter
- 1.75 eggs with lettuce
- Mustard

Weighed in at 177.8 today, yay!

Exercise: Planked for 3 mins

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg, pan fried
- Two eggs, fried in butter
- Lotsa mustard

Moderation is hard for me.... abstaining is easier for me.

- 6 oz pork rinds
- 2 oz cheddar cheese
- 2.25 oz ranch

- 2 eggs
- 1 bite maple sausage
- 1 oz cream cheese
- 2.5 oz hot pork rinds

- 1 oz cream cheese
- 1.25 eggs
- Almost 2 oz hot pork rinds
- 6.5 oz natural peanut butter

- 6.5 oz natural peanut butter
- 4 eggs fried in butter
- 3.5 oz pork rinds
- 7 oz cream cheese

 The natural peanut butter thing happened on Saturday night/Sunday morning.... I came home hungry from vacay and was ill-prepared.... felt awful after.

Three weeks was a long time to be away.  I miss my honey bunny, but it's good to be home.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

On the Road Menu

 - 2.5 oz pork rinds
- 4.5 oz cream cheese
- 2.25 oz mayo
- Three eggs

- 2.5 oz pork rinds
- 2 oz cream cheese
- 3 oz mayo
- 1 oz cheddar cheese
- One sip of regular cream soda (omg it was a horrible accident that sent me running for the rest area)

- Four sausage links
- 3 oz cream cheese
- 2.5 oz pork rinds
- A couple bites of hamburger patty
- Ranch dressing

- Some ham and pepperoni off a pizza
- 6 oz pork rinds
- 2 oz cheddar cheese

- 2/3 of a 1/3lb burger patty
- Bacon crumbles
- Blue cheese crumbles
- 1 cup of iceberg lettuce
- Blue cheese dressing

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Low carb menu whilst on Vacay, Day Three

- Half of a super-fatty, extra yummy prime rib (mouth watering typing this)

Friday, April 8, 2016

California Day Two: San Diego, Point Loma and Orange Count

- Hard boiled egg with 2 oz cream cheese
- Some salted butter
- Sauteed mushrooms
- Top sirloin steak with blue cheese on top
- A few bites of prime rib
- One strawberry 

Spent the first part of our day exploring San Diego!  It was cold and rainy, so we hit Rite Aid for a big ol' umbrella and hit the coast.  First, we went to Point Loma, which is just the coast of San Diego, which is waaaay south.  I freaked out because my little flip phone Welcomed me to Mexico (and notified me that calls would be $1.79 per minute.)  We hit the Cabrillo National Monument.  We were so close to the border that we were even pulling Spanish radio stations. 

We found a great walk-out beach area where we found an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean, so we trudged around the beach.  I mostly held the umbrella and tried not to slip down the slippery rocks.  It was behind the National Monument, which is a pay-to-enter excursion, which limited the amount of folks on the beach.  The cold, rainy weather also limited beach access to basically "just the crazies."

You definitely have this feeling that you drive and you fly and you walk and you're finally "here."  You go west and west and west and then... you have finally arrived.   How many have come out west with a one-way ticket and a dream?

Then, we drove around to Coronodo Island.  We found a little pull-off and viewed the beach.  There were kids and dogs and it looked like the perfect place to build a sand palace - weather permitting.

We did a fly-by-night drive through Balboa park and the San Diego zoo parking lot. 

Next, we checked into Laguna Hills Lodge where we quickly loaded in and got dolled up for dinner at the Orange Hill Restaurant, which was positively swanky and totally LA.   The view... The view.  It sits atop a huuuge hill and overlooks LA, Disneyland and surrounding cities.  At about 9:30pm, we even saw the the fireworks above Disney, which actually was appeared to be the cutest little firework show above a little doll house.

We gazed into each other's eyes and laughed about the last eleven-plus years of knowing each other while we got all starry-eyed at the amazing view.  All in all, a wonderful dinner.  The valet even took cones down and let boyfriend snap some photos.

My ex gf lives here, which is kind of odd..... It just doesn't feel like her, but I don't suppose that anything would to me.  We were together so long that we were barely recognizable to each other anymore -- or to ourselves.

The view!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The ring, day one of our trip

Made it to San Diego!!!  Today was mostly a driving day.  Ken came home from work at about 10am and we were gone by noon.  I drove to San Diego... He slept just a little bit.... It's so cool here...  Then, once we got here, we went down the to the pool at 9:20pm...

Having fun on the way!

Coffee in the pool... Vacay has BEGUN! (Complimentary coffee just tastes better)  

Since this is a log of what I consume.... I suppose I must include what I ate last night--

Today, just an

one egg fried in butter and lots of diet soda, a little water and low carb energy drinks...

Yesterday, I ate:
- One egg
- Two eggs
- Four eggs
- 4 oz can of albacore tuna mixed with lotsa mayo (sweetened, too, so it is reminiscent of Miracle Whip)
- More Mayo

Headed out on our trip.... Excited to get going....

March 26, 2016 - I said yes!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

SO egg-cited for Cali!

- One egg
- Five egg flax pancakes creation
- Two eggs
- Five eggs with too much mayo

Leaving for California tomorrow!!!   I'm making ice as we speak... (or the freezer is)....

So much to do....

I won't be back here 'til I visit next time... which means I will have to have ALL my stuff packed and ready to go.  I have this little luggage scale that has proven to be helpful.  It was like nine bucks off amazon and I really push that fifty pound limit to the max.

Trying to make the trip more about the adventures and less about the food.  And life for that matter!  I want to get teeny tiny before I get my skin all hacked off.  *sigh* 

TEN DAYS IN CALIFORNIA omg omg omg!  I have the best boyfriend ever.  He literally planned every inch of the trip.  I think he missed his calling as a travel agent.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg
- Five egg batch of flax pancakes with butter
- 4 oz can of albacore tuna with salted butter (to make it more ketogenic and tasty)

Sunday, April 3, 2016


I ate this exact menu two days in a row:

- One egg
- Big batch of pancakes consisting of five eggs, almost 1/2 cup flax meal, cinnamon, water, canola oil, sweetener... fried in canola oil and topped with salted butter
- Lots of mustard

Yesterday, I weighed in at 188 and today, it was 184.8... yay!

Went to the Grand Canyon yesterday... so amazing... along with the movie called Allegiant, which I enjoyed.  I love that lead actress!  She will always be my Hazel Grace. 

Friday, April 1, 2016


- One egg
- Two eggs with a sausage patty
- Mustard
- Six sausage patties

Scale is down to 191, which is awesome.