Saturday, November 30, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs (24)
- Macaroon muffin (9)
- Cheese (27)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Low carb menu on Thanksgiving

Turkey Day Eats:

- Four eggs
- Loaded broccoli, a little ham, turkey, steak & butter
- One sunflower kernel (wanted to see if they were stale and they weren't) 

We saw the new Hunger Games movie.  It was really good.  It was a sold out movie, which was kind of exciting.  Never been to a sold out show before!

Sometimes, I feel like you should get a badge just for surviving the holidays in your same jeans size. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Super yummy muffins: Just in time for Turkey Day!

- Four eggs (24 g protein)
- Sausage quiche with mayo (33 g protein)

I whipped up these macaroon muffins last night and wow... They will be a major treat!!!  I've always loved coconut and these are just sooo coconutty.

I subbed out the butter for some coconut oil and I didn't have coconut extract on hand, so I just used some DaVinci sugar free coconut flavored syrup in place of the 2 T of water and the same thing for half of the heavy cream.  I used a little less liquid splenda and these turned out sooo decadent.  Well, the truth is I haven't had one yet, but I did taste a crumb and you can just tell that they are going to be a hit.  Plus, they are 79% fat, which is fabulous.  I'm thinking about taking them to the Thanksgiving celebration that we are having at Dad's house.  Now, I baked mine in muffin top pans so that I can slice them in half and load them up with butter (or coconut oil), but I think that I might try and throw together a simple coconut flavored frosting and top them off with some toasted coconut.  Here's the frosting recipe that I'm going to use (with coconut syrup instead of vanilla or maybe half and half).  That will give me (and others) a decadent little dessert. 

I'm sure they would be almost as yummy using vanilla syrup (which I can get for a whole lot less, too).

I'm in charge of bringing a vegetable to Thanksgiving dinner at Dad's.  (Yeah, I'm getting off easy this year). I am thinking a cheesy cauliflower dish and maybe some buttered broccoli as well. 

Dad's Thanksgiving is not until Sunday, which is good because GF is still super sick.  She just got on antibiotics yesterday and I'm hoping that they will knock out her sickness.  Her doctor said if they don't work after a couple days, to call her.  Fingers crossed!

We had half planned on going to see a movie on Thursday, but we will see how she feels, of course.  As of right now, I'm just happy that she is all snuggled down and sleeping peacefully.  When she woke up a couple hours ago, she could hardly breathe because her tonsils are so swollen.  Her doctor says that if she ever decides to get them removed, her breathing would be more comfortable and she would be less prone to illness. 

Happy Thanksgiving, bloggies!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Strep throat sickie bear & quick and easy broccoli cheese soup

- Four eggs
- Half a piece of chicken/mushroom/sausage casserole with mayo
- A few bites of broccoli cheese soup (tasting it as I seasoned it)
- Sugar free jello

This soup is very tasty!!!  Gf requested it because she has been sick.  She called it a real hit! :)  I used some home made chicken broth and it's very quick and inexpensive to make.  I also had all the ingredients on-hand, which was another plus. I would say the one thing I did (after the broccoli was soft) is mash it with a pastry blender.

She finally went to the doctor today and is getting her antibiotics right now.  So, she should only get better from here.  I'm glad we're just playing it low key for Thanksgiving because she is under orders to relax and take it easy. The doc did not even bother to do a strep culture because she was sure it is strep and didn't want to waste her money administering the test.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs (24 g protein)
- Half a piece of chicken mushroom sausage casserole w/ mayo (21 g protein)
- Two cinnamon flax muffins w/ butter (6 g protein)

Working on upping my fat intake and keeping my protein intake lower.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Three cinnamon flax muffins with butter & Walden's sugar free syrup

The gf is very sick.  She had to get up this morning at 5am and I felt so bad for her.  She could literally hardly talk. She walked our dogs along with their dogs to save having to do two walks whilst she is sick. When our pug got home, he was so cold that he just curled up in a ball on my shoulder and put his cold little pug muzzle into my neck.  I covered him up with his favorite fuzzy blanket and he drifted right to sleep. You know I was loving every minute of it, too... :)

I'm going to start a calender where I keep track of the working out that I do.  My knee with arthritis feels MUCH better when I bike, etc. I did 27 minutes on the bike yesterday and I think that was about perfect. I once heard arthritic joints likened to a rubber band.  If you let it get old and don't use it, it gets stiff and does not want to move. I know that I feel loads better when I'm regularly biking (much better than doing walking, which is too high-impact for my knee).  But walking is a part of my life (luckily) and I'm much more well-equipped to do so when I'm keeping that knee going.  If I'm being honest, I have to get off my lazy butt and get back to the water aerobics class, also.  Those ladies are amazing.

There's a new movie venue that we want to check out this week.  It has regular ticket prices, but it looks like way more fun! Plus, they serve bacon cheeseburgers and drinks.  I think they even wait on you during the movie. SOLD!  I can already see Geneen Roth (who says you should not watch tv while you eat) not approving of this.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Two pork chops with low carb ketchup

Friday, November 22, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Cinnamon flax muffin
- Sausage patty
- Almost half a head of iceberg lettuce with mayo

Started a cross-stitch yesterday and forgot just how much I enjoy working on them.  Had way too much fun!  Will probably head to the store today to pick up some supplies. 

Got the gf sick, which always makes me feel bad. I don't like seeing her sick especially since it's essentially my fault!!

Still enjoying Good Calories, Bad Calories, but I can see how some people are put off by the sheer science-mindedness of it all.  However, it really puts the hows and whys into perspective as to why the American Heart Association etc advocates for a low cholesterol diet.  I was thinking it was a helluva lot more conspiracy theory than it seemingly is.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Low carb menu & gearing up for the holidays

- Four eggs
- Pork chop with buttered broccoli

Still wondering what we're going to do for Thanksgiving.  We can either go out to a restaurant, maybe just eat a ham with some low carb sides or something like that.

What are you all doing?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- BBQ pork chop with low carb ketchup

Feeling better each day...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Low carb menu & Grandma was right

- Four eggs
- A little chicken salad
- Two cinnamon flax muffins with butter

I'm sick with a cold.  No fun. :(  Now that I think about it, though, that may give me license to veg out with a warm blanket and watch some nonsense tv... right??

I started Good Calories, Bad Calories last night and it promises to be good.  I'm still on the Prologue (slow reader), but it talks about how people have always known that starches were bad.  I remember my grandmother (who has always carried a little extra around her mid-section) saying, "bread is my downfall."

At the time, my low-fat mentality thought, "Bread does not make you fat!"  Turns out, grandma was right.  Moms are always right, aren't they?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Low carb menus

Saturday's Menu
- Four eggs
- Pork chop
- A few bites of chicken salad (when prepping it)
- Two flax muffins with butter

Sunday's Menu
- Four eggs
- Cheese
- KFC chicken breast w/ no skin
- Cinnamon flax muffin
- Low carb chocolate pb cheesecake
- A mushroom stolen from my brother's pizza (lol)

We went to my dad's house yesterday.  It was crazy right before we left. We lost power and we had water coming in.  Our landlord keeps trying to fix the issue himself,but I have a feeling that he should just leave it up to the professionals.  Catching water with a bucket is no fun.

First, we stopped by my mom's house and then we went over to my dad's.  Fun was had by all!  It's always nice to catch up with family.

ETA: I just realized that I wrote"fun was had by all" twice in as many entries.  What am I, 31 going on 90?? Haha.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Half a piece of burger Florentine w/ mayo
- Pork chop with low carb bbq sauce & ketchup

We went to a dog park today and they absolutely loved it!  Fun was had by all and we all came home worn out (lol).

Friday, November 15, 2013

Low carb menu & world's tallest dog!

- Four eggs
- BBQ pork chop with low carb ketchup
- Cinnamon flax muffin with butter

My car has been acting a little funny and the Service Engine Soon light is on.  I tried to drop it off, but they are closed for a few days due to deer hunting season, so I will probably just ask them to look at it on Monday.

The gf is taking me on a date to the library today.  It's at 2pm and I have no clue what we're going to see but we're both excited about it. Fun times!!

Edited to Add:  She took me to see Zeus, the world's tallest dog!  It was sooo much fun and we even both got Zeus kisses.  *swoon*

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Low carb stuff at the Old Country Buffet, including ham, salad, a skinless chicken breast, steak and loaded broccoli

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Low carbin

Tuesday's Eats:

Four eggs
Two piggies in blankets

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our new favorite one-carb muffins & adjusting to the COLD.

- Four eggs
- Two cheese~filled bacon~wrapped hot dogs with mayo & mustard
- Cinnamon flax muffin 

I'm telling you, these flax muffins are really good!  If you didn't know that they were low carb, you would swear that they were made with flour and all that.  I do add sugar free vanilla syrup (which I find at the Dollar Tree) instead of the two tablespoons of water and 1/2 cup of liquid sucralose (which is not in the recipe) to make them nice and sweet.  They are yummy with either golden flax or regular flax meal.  We get a really good deal on flax meal from an Amish bulk food place.  It's about $3.87 for 2 lbs!

Low carb eating can be a little pricey, especially in the beginning when you are stocking up on your basics, but once you get your low carb kitchen pretty well-stocked, it's really just sticking to the protein and veggies.  We basically eat what's on sale.  Well, I shouldn't say that. We get our favorites when they are on sale and basically stock up.  When we just had our standard freezer, stocking up really wasn't an option, but we found a stand-up freezer on Craigslist for pretty cheap (I think $65), we keep that baby full of our favorites. The freezer is sooo old, but it works great and it even has a lock (for safety, I think, not to keep people out!)

Thanks for the comments yesterday on my rant.  The old saying is true... Whatever you focus on, grows and since I was focused on it being "hard," well... you know how that goes. *bangs head against wall*

Yesterday, my OA knee was more ouchie than usual.  Luckily, my wonderful gf has no problem going to different stores and getting me what I need so that I can just stay home, putz around in the kitchen, do my web design and baby my knee as needed. She is the best part of my life and my world.

Back to your regular scheduled low carb menu!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Low carb menu & the junk of life

- Four eggs
- Two bacon-wrapped cheese-filled hot dogs
- Cinnamon flax muffin

Sometimes, these menus should be filled with all the temptations that I avoided because it seems like such a feat... Eating low-carb never really gets easy. Easier? Yes. Easy? I wouldn't say so.   My then-favorite foods still call to me and I even dream about them.  I even get upset when I see other people eating them... but I have to realize that I *could* certainly eat them, but if I gave into my cravings, then I would be over 300 lbs and very unhealthy, in a ton of pain and not happy in my own skin. Not exactly a choice that I want to make.  So, there's always that.

We have a pizza party for my dad next weekend where everybody is bringing a pizza (crazy idea, I know..) Crap food is everywhere. UGH! Yeah, thanks for listening.

I have to remember, life is not about what you fuel your body with!  There's so much more to it than that. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Two cheese-filled bacon-wrapped hot dogs

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Two cinnamon flax muffins with butter and zero carb syrup & sausage patty
- Bacon-wrapped cheese-stuffed hot dog with broccoli

Fibered up!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Half a piece of florentine
- Sugar free jello parfait

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Life is better with mayo.

- Four eggs
- Half a piece of Florentine with mayo (of course!)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Low carb menu & fasting sucks

- Four eggs
- Hamburger Florentine with mayo

Got my blood work done today... They want to check on my cholesterol (which is high when you've recently lost weight) and also my kidney function due to some of the pain meds that I take.

I can't stand the fasting blood work because I always get right up, potty the dogs and instantly make my eggs and coffee and get my Viibryd in me.

The gf has been doing visits today for pet sitting and we have a behavior counseling session tonight.  Exciting!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Burger Florentine w/ mayo
- A piece of bacon

Monday, November 4, 2013

Eating like a king

- Four eggs
- Smoked cheddar cheese
- Low carb chocolate swirl peanut butter cheesecake
- Grilled steak with mushrooms & onions and buttered broccoli

Tio Joe's Famous Tri-Tip
I feel like I'm getting smaller.  I've been doing the bike every day, which helps with my knee (a lot) and I've been cutting back on the eating as well (some days).  My size 12 jeans definitely are roomier than they have been.  I might order size 10 when the Black Friday deals come around. You really can't beat the Old Navy deals and I literally wait all year to buy stuff on that day.  They usually have five dollar long sleeved tees and ten dollar jeans.  I order tall because I have 36'' legs and really long arms as well. They also have talls in shirts, which is nice because they are nice and long in the torso and the arms. 

Yummy eats today!  Mom's yard is pretty much done. It was so much fun for me and the gf to hang out with my older brothers, my mom and my niece and nephew.   My knee will probably be ouchie for a while, but at least I was able to get up and help this year and hey, I work from my at-home computer, setting my own schedule, so life is good! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Half a piece of burger Florentine w/ mayo
- A little chicken salad (maybe five bites)
- Some deviled egg filling (just the yolk/mayo/mustard/relish part)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Low carb menu & raking time of year

- Four eggs
- Chicken salad
- Burger Florentine with mayo

We are going for a leaf raking party tomorrow at my Mom's house.  My brother is going to be grilling out some Tri-Tip, which is an amazing cut if steak if you've never heard of it.  He grills it whole and slices it against the grain.  All I know is it's GOOD and it's even tastier when my big brother grills it to perfection on the grill.  My mouth is watering already! :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Chicken salad
- Half a piece of low carb chocolate peanut butter cheesecake