Thursday, March 31, 2016


- Four eggs
- Four sausage patties
- A bottle of lc ketchup
- Lot of ranch dressing
- A little mustard
- 1/4 of a container of Parmesan cheese

Got rid of all the condiments in the apartment.  I'm gonna get some of those little mayo packets off Amazon to help with portion control. 

LOTS of water.  I never drink water, but now I have been.  YAY, right?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Condiments are not meant to be a meal

- One egg
- A squirt bottle of mayo
- Lots of bacon ranch
- Mustard

I need to quit treating condiments like a meal.  No more squirting in my hand and licking them off. 

Low carb menu whole day style

- Five eggs
- Six sausage patties

Monday, March 28, 2016

Low carb menu, one pound at a time

- One egg
- 1/3 of a container of Parmesan cheese

Weighed in at 192 today, which is a pound down.  At first, I remembered back in October when I was about 172 here... and then I got upset...BUT I'm currently about eight lbs down from 200, so it's all just a process.... a winding road.... and I'm lucky to have a great boyfriend who puts up with all of my issues with eating.  Sometimes, I get jealous that others can just seemingly eat what they want.... but I misused food... got too fat.... totally wrecked my metabolism....

I'm so happy with Tall Boy.  He is super amazing and we have so much in common. 

It was after I was in the shower and after I had a bunch of coffee, soda and Crystal Light).

Exciting news to come. :)  Promise.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg
- An egg with a rib-eye and some sauteed red pepper
- 3 vodka and diet cokes
- Five hot dogs with way too much mayo

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How I'm going to stop screwing myself over at night and my honey

- One egg
- Three eggs
- Four eggs
- Four eggs
- A whole bottle of bacon ranch dressing
- Half a bottle of lc ketchup

I wake up in the night and fuck myself over by eating condiments like they are a meal.  It's gross.  The middle of the night eating has been going on for over a year now... way more nights than not.  I think it started out in the throes of my anorexia (when I was refeeding) and it just keeps rearing its ugly head.

I know that the being honest thing on here is gonna help me.  Also, I'm going to make a calendar to keep me accountable.

I'm gonna be with my honey for 21 whole days!  Excited!  Flying from Detroit to Phoenix tomorrow... Then, we are going to be at his place until April 6.  April 6-16 is California!!!  We are going up the coast.  Yes, I will be updating you all, of course.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Low carb menu and the Stay Puff Angela

Grand totals:

- Five eggs
- 3.5 jalapeno cheese smoked sausages
- SF syrup

I've been so bloated lately.  Like, super bloated.  I'm actually really worried about it, but with me leaving in about 36 hours to go out west, I'm kind of just leaving it on the back burner.  I was SUPER bloated after being on my feet for multiple hours (basically all day) so I wore some compression socks, which did help my legs, but then my eyes are retaining so much water in my eyelids. 

I know that being on my feet does not help, but I have had this issue for many months now.  

Of course, googling these things is never a good idea.  I do have a doc appointment scheduled after I return home mid-April, so we will see what he says.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg
- Low carb flax pancakes made with four eggs, flax meal, oil, cinnamon, canola oil
- 2.5 jalapeno smoked sausages (3 carbs apiece)
- Sugar free syrup

I weighed in at 193, so that is moving in the right direction. :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Low carb menu

- One egg
- Four eggs with two sausage patties
- Two sausage patties
- Two sausage patties
- LC syrup

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Low carb menu, day a zillion

- One egg
- Two sausage patties with two eggs
- Two sausage patties
- Two bottles of Waldens sugar free syrup

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Logging again!

- One egg, fried in butter
- Pancakes made with four eggs, 1/3 cup of flax meal, cinnamon, ez sweetz, canola oil and water... fried in butter
- A whole bottle of walden's sugar free syrup (yes. really).
- Two sausage patties (the kind from Walmart that you can just nuke)

So... sooo much has happened.  I've stayed low carb the whole time... yay! Weight-wise... I got way too skinny, lost my period, lost a bunch of hair... then I got too fat.  Now I'm right at about 200 lbs and want to lose some weight before I get my skin surgery (!)  Waiting to hear back from Blue Care Network to see if they will cover the abdominoplasty.  They should b/c I meet the criteria of having lost 100 lbs.

Went through a break up... back with my ex... who I will call Tall Boy, I think.

Oct... I missed you, too!

Going out west on Friday! Flying to AZ... then to California.  Three weeks total.