Saturday, September 1, 2012

Busy in the dog biz

- Four small meals of two tuna patties each (8 total!)
- Salad with iceberg lettuce, ham, egg, green pepper, cheese and ranch
- Gluten free brownie with low carb chocolate frosting

Angie's pet sitting/behavior counseling business is really picking up.  Her clients love her so much because she always goes above and beyond.  She will sometimes stay double the time, she steam cleans when needed and she basically just falls in love with their dogs and vice versa.  Yesterday, one of her clients was mad because the dogs are more excited to see her than them! (Not really mad - more like impressed.)

She hardly got any sleep because the dogs kept her up all last night on her overnight.

I made her some pepperoni pizza on oopsie-flax crust so she is good to go with meals for the weekend.

Monday and Tuesday, we have new client meetings both nights.  She really can't wait to turn in her notice to the oil change place because dogs are really where her passion lies.

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