Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fancy new-to-us couch

We got a new couch off Craigslist!  It is a nice, brownish-reddish Hancock & Moore leather sofa.  We got it for the bargain price of $75.  They had an absolutely huge farm and huge mansion of a house located on a lake.  They were moving, so basically getting rid of all their stuff. 

Day two off the Percocet and I'm feeling better by the minute.  I did feel a bit flu-ish yesterday and today, but I think it's only looking up from here.

Yesterday's menu was:
- Four eggs
- 2.5 tuna patties
- Pumpkin bake with whipped cream
- Four eggs
- 1.5 oz of Wisconsin aged cheddar cheese (so good from Aldi)

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