Saturday, August 10, 2013

New office furniture!

- Four eggs
- Three hot dogs
- Two chicken thighs
- Four eggs

Life is good!  Thank goodness it's Friday!

Last night, we got a new black convertible couch for my office.  It's super cute!  It was on sale for $120 and it's sooo comfy, too.  It's a little low to the ground for my liking, but it's so cutie bear.  I was checking it out in the store, but figured that we didn't really need it.  We are doing our debt snowball (Dave Ramsey style), so we have cut out a ton of extras from our life, but we mulled it over and decided to go for it.  We've been lucky enough to get most of our furniture from family members, used on Craigslist or even using the barter system for my girlfriend's pet sitting services... Also, we had this beige (big) comfy blanket that we never really found a use for, and it doubles perfectly as a cover for the couch.  That way, little sharp dog claws will not pierce through the faux-leather.

It's Daisy-approved and she has been on and off it several times already today in the few hours that she has been up.  I think she likes it that it's so low to the ground (especially on ouchie days due to her sore joints from getting older and being a bigger dog). Speaking of her soreness, her vet told us a good asprin to give her, p.r.n.

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