Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Prednisone, nursing school and an angry back

Sunday's LC Menu
- Four eggs, fried in butter
- Walden farms jelly & whipped peanut butter and pancake syrup
- SF jello with heavy cream

Monday's LC Menu
- Five eggs, fried in butter
- Walden farms jelly & whipped peanut butter and pancake syrup
- SF jello with heavy cream

The good thing about being SUPER hungry when I was taking the prednisone is that the opposite is true.  Now that I'm down to 10mg (from 40mg), I'm not that hungry at all.  Oh, how crazy the body works.

Since the pred is a corticorsteroid, which is a stress hormone, it makes sense to me that when the body produces a bunch of it naturally, it would cause the appetite to kick in.

Went to a new chiro yesterday who is actually in the same office as my plastic surgeon.  I did not even realize that when I booked her.  I chose her based on her picture, reviews, distance from my house and most importantly, whether or not she accepts my insurance.  She seemed excited about my case, since I have a C-Curve and I've really only had it for a few years, which I never thought about before.  See, since my knee surgery which corrected the angle on my knee, my leg length difference went from a full inch to 3/8 of an inch, which kind of pushed up that side of my back in a weird way, causing some significant back pain.  "Scolio servey" today, which is a bunch of xrays.  One of the awesome things about me having spent five nights in the hospital this past six weeks is that my deductible has been met as well as "maximum out of pocket" is done, too.  A good time to find specialists to be on my team, for sure.

I can tell she is going to be  a good fit and she sure did beat my back up yesterday!!  She warned me that I would be sore and boy, am I!  She also is going to have exercises for me to do, which I'm all about doing.  I'm a kind of "heal myself" kind of gal.

Finished up summer school yesterday!!  A&P done.  I am almost sure that I will have a 4.0 in that class, which is cool...

Now, this week, just gonna try to get a bunch of work done and get my bedroom and office into one room (the master) so that boyfriend can have his OWN room and PLENTY of space when he gets here.

T minus six days 'til fiance number two and I will be re-united! 


  1. It is so cool that you have such good insurance. Who do you use? I went with being added to Cro's coverage but it isn't great insurance. He has a savings plan with them to cover deductibles but it's money he's put it in himself.

    Life is about to get so exciting for you. Finance moving in, finishing your summer classes (how long to go?) and your abdominoplasty date is soon too!

  2. I have Blue Care Network. I wouldn't say it's so great, but since I have had over 50k in medical bills, my out of pocket has been met (which is over 5.6k I think...)

    It's great 'til the end of the year because I paid it up (307/month). This does not count my abdomino/arm lift which was 12 because only like 1200 was covered...

    All in all, though, Blue Care Network has been up to bat for me through this and I will def. go with them again. I will probably go for a better coverage option with a cheaper deductible since the pricey Remicade infusions are in my future which cost about 4x the price of my car.

    Too much information and I know sometimes it's taboo to talk about numbers, but you are practically my blogging sister :) (and we're both self employed, so there's that...)

    Yes! Exciting things on the horizon for sure.

    1. The other good thing is this: The hospital saved my life!!! Boyfriend is actually going to be working for the hosp. that saved me!!!

      Sooo the whole ordeal cost me 8k instead of over 50k PLUS it's a write-off (assuming it's over a certain percentage of my earnings this year).

      I don't really know how a savings plan works, but Dave Ramsey loves them (so I do, too).

  3. Summer class is over and I finished with a 4.0!!! (party time:)

  4. I followed Dave Ramsey on twitter just now (if you think highly of him, I want to check out what he says too!)

    Congrats on the 4.0! Party time for sure!

    Thank you for all of the info. I may check into getting my own insurance and see if it's cheaper/better than tagging onto Cro's.

    My mom takes Remicade for her Rheumatoid Arthritis so I know it is super expensive. MS meds are too but since they don't cure it and I'm doing well on low-carb, I don't see any need to take it.