Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Low carb menu

- Seven eggs, fried in butter
- 1.5 heads of lettuce with zero carb condiments
- Pork butt - quite a bit of it with low carb bbq sauce

Back to school today.  Still have one drain in my tummy.... Not feeling all the way better, but I think school will be good for me.  Plus, I adore the professor, so that is a plus. :)


  1. How did your day back in the swing of thing go?

    I'm dying to know your results after the surgeries too but let's just say I'm too polite to ask (but I did, oops). Drop in weight? Clothing? Too soon to know?

    If that's all too personal you definitely don't need to talk about it (I mean it) and just know I'm so happy it seems to have gone well!

  2. Well, I'm really REALLY bloated.... but I do feel smaller in general. I have not been on the scale, but I do seem to have more of a thigh gap and my family says that I look smaller. I def feel different, but I am putting it in the too soon to tell category for now. I will send you some before and afters via e-mail when I have them from the surgeon. :) It's girl stuff, you know. Never too personal!