Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to my love affair with Atkins

Been in the horrible cycle of fast food, junk food and basically self-destruction. It seems the choices have been happening in the grocery store. Shit food = shit results. I don't care how cheap or yummy the shit is, it's still shit. I would apologize for swearing, but I really need to be apologizing to my poor body. Yeah, so not cool. I have squeezed in several low carb meals, but that is not good enough. Low carb is a lifestyle... not a hobby. It's not just something to do on the weekends.

From now on, I'm going to keep my off plan meals for holidays and that is it. One meal per holiday and that is that.

My dog has kept the walking to a regular and has been pulling me along with her. We walk about 1-2 miles, more days than not. The other day, my neighbor (who I didn't realize was a neighbor) pulled up and said, "You have a beautiful dog... I just love her.... but who is walking who?"

"Oh," I laughed, "she is definitely walking me."

To get on with it, my one year low carb anni is 40 days from now, and I'm back to taking shit seriously. No more excuses.

I'm baking some oopsie rolls today along with a big ol' batch of tuna salad. Tuna was on sale yesterday for 60 cents a can, which is pretty darn cheap... Seems like it's been creeping up to the dollar mark lately.

I'm afraid to even step on the scale at this point, so no update from me there.... but I do know that eating real foods is the only way to go... and I'm going to place an order today for some DaVinci syrups and some whey protein powder. Because I'm worth it.



  1. Angie ... I'm right there with you! My scale creeped up a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to kick what seems to have stuck. I've also been avoiding weigh-ins. The way my jeans fit will let me know when it's safe to look at those numbers again anyway, lol. I've been eating more tuna and have just restocked my sugarfree Davinci syrups. Next step is to get back in the gym (I've strayed from my workouts ever since my friend from England visited). The proverbial dog has been pulling me too. Rawr. We'll get back on track. I'm not giving in and from what I read I doubt you are the type to give in either! *popping open my can of tuna ... it's lunch time*

  2. Thanks for the comment, Oct!! Do you have any favorites as far as Davinci goes? Any that I have to try? I think I'm going with cherry, vanilla and a few others, probably... The peanut butter sounds good for sure. Was that your first time trying pb?

  3. YOU are ever so right about it not being a hobby.
    It's a love affair....or a full-time job - a labour of love!
    That pays quick divedens!

  4. I know its hard Ang. Its hard for me too. I keep going up and down, on and off. All we can do is continue to get back on and try really hard not to fall off. We stayed on for a LONG time before, so we know it will happen again! Holidays have never failed to throw me off track for several months. I am hopeful that I am back on for good but only time will tell. I used Davinci syrups to make waffles...carmel seems to work best, but vanilla is good too. I have yet to really get into cooking, but I do make waffles, oopsies, and shiratake noodles, all the time. My baking experiments have not really turned out well, have yet to make a good low carb cheesecake (they never turn out right for me and taste a little weird to me) or any type of bread. Still trying for a loaf of coconut flour bread, they just taste odd.
    But I can live with what IS naturally available and so I just keep trying.
    You will do it, because you are a better chef than me!!!
    What kind of dog do you have?

  5. some fav sugarfree Davinci flavors:

    French Vanilla
    German Chocolate Cake
    Peanut Butter (yes, first time I've tried that one)

    hmm, I didn't care for Hazelnut even though I love Nutella flavor. I also didn't care for Blueberry all that much – maybe because it doesn't go well with cayanne pepper (one of my fav mix-ins).

  6. Anne... what a great way of looking at it... as a full-time job... the purchaser of healthy groceries... my own gourmet chef... and personal trainer.... all well worth it! <3

  7. Nancy.... Yeah,we will kick some low carb butt!!! Just watch us!!!

    Oct ~ Wow, I can't wait to try the German Choc flavor... thanks for the tips!

  8. Angie,

    I admire your honesty. Getting back on track is never easy. But I hope you'll believe that this time can be different. Every time we falter, we have the opportunity to learn something new about ourselves. Or sometimes it's something we already knew but couldn't admit.

    A simple lyric came to mind when I read today's blog. It's from a song called "Church on White" by Stephen Malkmus.

    "Carry on. It's a marathon."

    You are worth it. No doubt about it. Worth the effort, worth the right kind of treats, worth fighting for. Just keep on reminding yourself of it. Because that's part of what food does for so many of us - it fills the void that forms out of feeling unlovable or unworthy or fill in the blank.

    Hang in there, Angie. And please ask for support when things get tough. There are so many kind people out here that will happily be there for you. Myself included.

  9. Thanks so much, Harry!!! Your comment and support means a lot to me.

    Love what you've been busy with over at also!!!

    You were the first to tell me about the whole Collagen being superior to Glucosamine for OA, which I would be more interesting in hearing about... as always, keep up the good work and my best to you and Maddie!!!