Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Netrition Order - My orders are getting bigger but the shirt size?? Smaller!

My Netrition Order!!!

Qty Item ID Product Price Total
1 121-0001 Sugar Free Syrup, Almond, 750ml/25.4 fl oz $7.49 $7.49
1 121-0004 Sugar Free Syrup, Caramel, 750ml/25.4 fl oz $7.49 $7.49
1 121-0005 Sugar Free Syrup, Cherry, 750ml/25.4 fl oz $7.49 $7.49
1 121-0008 Sugar Free Syrup, Coconut, 750ml/25.4 fl oz $7.49 $7.49
1 121-0029 Sugar Free Syrup, Toasted Marshmallow, 750ml/25.4 fl oz $7.49 $7.49
1 121-0034 Sugar Free Syrup, Peanut Butter, 750ml/25.4 fl oz $7.49 $7.49
1 121-0047 Sugar Free Syrup, German Chocolate Cake, 750ml/25.4 fl oz $7.49 $7.49
1 230-0001 Almond Meal/Flour, 1 lb. $8.99 $8.99
1 40-0032 Thermal packaging (cold packs), varies $2.95 $2.95
1 42-0057 Designer Whey Protein, Chocolate Peanut Caramel, 2 lb. $19.99 $19.99
1 42-0210 Designer Whey Protein, French Vanilla, 2 lb. $19.99 $19.99
1 42-0370 Designer Whey Protein, Double Chocolate, 2 lb. $19.99 $19.99
1 518-0003 Sugar Free Preserves, Mountain Berry, 10 oz $4.99 $4.99
1 64-0011 FlexMax Glucosamine Chondroitin, 160 tablets $24.95 $24.95
1 89-0965 Endulge Candy Bars, Chocolate Coconut Bar, 5 bars $4.99 $4.99
1 89-0979 Endulge Candy Bars, Peanut Butter Cups, 5 packs $4.99 $4.99
1 89-0983 Advantage Bars, Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll, 5 bars $6.69 $6.69
1 40-0601 T-Shirt Eagle Design, Military Green, X-Large $0.00 $0.00
Subtotal $170.95
Shipping - UPS Ground $4.95
Total $175.90

Yep... that is my order from good ol' Netrition!!! I really do love that store. I have placed multiple orders from them and get this.... The last time I ordered from them..... I chose a black free t-shirt in the size of XXL. This one is a size XL!!!!

I have to say, I'm the Queen of Cheap and really, I love to buy most EVERYTHING on sale and locally, if I can... but anyway, I was out of almost ALL of my DaVinci syrup and I haven't had protein powder in the house in months... (WTF have I been thinking???) You probably notice from most of my menus that I try to keep my spending to a minimum... but no longer at the expense of my health! Just know that I do realize that throwing down $175 will leave dent in my bank account but is probably the best money I've spent all year long!

I don't usually have the Atkins bars around my house, but I used to buy them a long time ago.... and I decided what the heck.... I did what Linda Sue suggested and would cut it up into about 16 little slices and just have a few slices of those if the urge hits for a little something sweet... especially when in losing-weight mode.

Also, I'm going to try a new kind of Glucosamine with Chondroitin for my KOA.... The one I have now is Glucosamine Hydrochloride, not Glucosamine Sulfate... which apparently is a big difference.

I almost got on the scale this morning, but I forgot to before I ate... Shoot!

Hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend. Doggy is sad that we aren't going for a walk today because of the rain... I'm making some more oopsie rolls and I think hamburger gravy for dinner.... served over good ol' mashed cauliflower. I love that stuff and I'm actually convinced that you could probably serve this to an unsuspecting family and they would hardly realize the difference... if at all.

What's for supper at your house??



  1. Good job on the new smaller tshirt!!! Yay!!
    For dinner we are making low carb chili, though I will add beans for the family. Low as in not ultra low, its about 8 carbs for a cup. If it turns out good i will post the recipe. It smells awesome I can hardly keep myself from devouring the whole pot before its done. ha ha

  2. I got some egg white is super good.... those flavours are great in it! I'm going to write a post about it...and wear my latest Netrition shirt!

  3. You know that I don't cook. What is mashed cauliflower?

  4. hey....whats with the netrition tshirts...

  5. I'm actually wearing my netrition t-shirt now! I am into a women's size XL (and I even have one size Medium that fits me!) wahoooo!