Friday, August 20, 2010

So I asked Doctor Atkins back out and he said YES!

Remember me?

See? This is what I do... I disappear... for a long time....

After my vacation (on my birthday) at the end of June/beginning of July, it was basically just a big, fat carb-fest in the South. We had a ton of fun in the Smokey Mountains and I will post pics eventually, but really, I am disappointed in my attitude post-vacation. The carbohydrates have wreaked havoc on my body. All of my symptoms of pre-diabetes are back full-force, so I have to do this to regulate my blood sugar, if not for smaller pants.

I'm a bad blogger and sometimes, I'm a bad friend. Do you guys ever just disappear for a long time? It's a bad habit of mine.....

I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror and it looked totally fat. I have just kind of let myself go... I need to get my hair cut and I need to get my eyebrows waxed.... because I am worth it.

The real kicker is that my chiropractor asked me if I weighed under 300 pounds. She was all like, "You are under 300, right?"

First, never #$%#$ ask somebody that! Are you serious? I mean, what if I was over 300? I have been, more than once in my life.... Once in 2001 and once in 2009, but I have been hovering way-too-close to that number. I mean, yeah, it IS just a number, but this lady knows my body. She gives me adjustments every 3-4 weeks. I found it just kind of alarming and eye-opening to say the least. She recommended a 500 calorie diet and some spray on my tongue. She also told my 200-pound mother that she should do the diet, also. See, she just lost 50 pounds on it, so she is quite sanctimonious about for the time being.

I have had a lovely low-carb breakfast and lunch.... my brother just showed up with two large pizzas from a super-yummy pizza joint, but living in this skin is not yummy.... Also, took an almost 2-mile walk with my Dogter, so that was refreshing.

In weight news, I am probably in the lower 280's. On my one-year blogiversary, I was 30 pounds down (306 to 276 or a little less), so that is good to report. I bought some size 20 dresses from Lane Bryant outlet and some size 22 pants and size 22/24 tops. My arms and face are ever-growing.

I do not love my body these days and I find sleeping is harder and so is breathing. I have been waking up already-depressed because I hate my body... and then I find myself fantasizing about food... just as an escape from the fact that I do not heart my body. I have always been a confident girl, at any size, trust me... but lately... I just want out. Hot body, here I come! Bye, bye, big, fat belly!

In good news, my one-year anni of quitting smoking cigs was on 8-8-10 and that is what I am most proud of in the past year.... I honestly used to think that I would probably die a smoker.

How are YOU all doing??



  1. Good to see you back around!
    What spray?
    Good on the smokes....
    Glad you are back!

  2. Welcome back. I've missed you. And big congrats on giving up the ciggies - that is major! And, I too have to ask - what spray?

  3. Welcome home. :-) Excellent going re: smoking! Congratulations!

    I do know what it's like to fall out of touch. Far too well, I'm afraid. But if you leave things in good order when you disappear ... you can usually jump right back in without too much static.

    Hmmm. Not wild about that diet description. Perhaps you might consider something less drastic such as alternate day fasting? Lots of info. about it on my HF site. I plan to experiment with it myself. So far, it has quite a bit of positive research to back it up.

    Anyhow, good to have you back around. Looking forward to following your journey some more.

  4. Check out for more info on the spray....

    (I am not even thinking about doing this diet! Once I saw Kevin Trudeau was involved, I just immediately thought of it as a scam...)

    Thanks for the warm welcome back, guys!

  5. Good to have you back! And remember its not about diet, its definitely not about sprays or drastic things like that. Its about lifestyle and your relationships with food and your relationship with YOU! Diets come and go and so are sprays. There is no majic in these idiotic bulscrap ads. Its all about preying on overweight people and use instant gratification as major incentive to undertake soemthing that drastic. Keep up your spirits, you sound like a good girl. Be well and dont disappear, nobody will judge you here! At least, I wont and I know those who responded wont either, just sayin!

  6. Angie! You are back!! Yay! I missed you too. Yep, I dissapear sometimes, life gets too hectic and there is not alot of time to blog. I haven't done well on diet or exercise since May when my grandma died. I just got off track when visiting my family and then never got back on. I have been struggling to get back on again but its definitely hard for me. I feel like I am just dragging my body around and I hate that. I want to wear a dress with a waist on it, and not have all kinds of fat rolls showing, LOL Thats my motivation at the moment. Well that and I have to have blood tests in less than a month at the Dr and I dont want anything to look bad and have them wanting to put me on any lipitor or anything like that. Cause I wont take them!

    500 calories? That is pretty much starvation. I think if she was willing to sign an affidavit saying "I will pay all of Angie's doctor bills if this spray and 500 calories a day is harmful to her" then I might try it LOL (just kidding, not even then!)

    Congrats on your smoke free anniversary!