Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Low carbing for my coat

Good news! My coat from last year still fits! It is a size 18/20 and thankfully, all of the buttons snap! I was seriously afraid to put it on. I was having visions of it not fitting! Now, it's not a perfect fit and it does kind of split out between my boobs at the buttons

Last October was when I hit my all-time low of 245.0 pounds. That is the lowest that I have ever seen on the scale in my adult life!!!! I have not been on the scale in forever, but I am guessing that I'm somewhere in the 270s or maybe a little more.

I never really know how big I am. I mean, now, in my body today, I feel bigger than I have been, yet I know this is not the case. I'm wearing a size 38C bra that I thought at one time would never fit me and I seriously even considered donating it to Good Will back then.

Today, during my walk, something really sad happened. This has never happened before!!! Usually, when I do feel knee pain (just in the knee that has the wrong angle on it), it's not when I'm up moving around. I usually walk about a mile at least with my dog and today, I literally had to quit mid-way and turn around due to my knee pain. Just a wake-up call that I need to lose this weight sooner than later.

I don't know why I think it's sad. That is victim-mentality. I mean, I had my corrective knee surgery for my knock knees a little too early on the one knee, which left an angle wrong on it.... which will surely lead to arthritis. The last bone doctor I went to, told me that if I really want to help myself, lose some weight.... and I was right around the same weight that I am now when he told me that....


  1. I admire you for getting out there to walk and for blogging even about stuff that scares you. Definitely don't hurt your knee worse! Best of luck getting that coat to feel loose again. :) I guess I need to try mine on again soon too.

  2. I think it's sad maybe for many reason.... or one of many....
    We think we know what is "what"
    Then, come to find out - we really don't!
    We think it will require "this" much effort..
    Really it's "THIS" much.
    Or THIS!!
    Be careful with your knee!