Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Working out for pain relief & the entry where I compare myself to a dog

- Four eggs
- Pizza topping casserole (forgot to add the green peppers this time, which makes for less carbs I suppose; plus, we really didn't miss them too much -- still very flavorful!)
- Four eggs
- Burger patty with lettuce

Yesterday, I went to water aerobics again after at least a couple weeks of missing class. I had way too much fun!  The instructor is a total hoot and keeps us laughing.  She even did a rendition of "Reflections of My Life" with another lady in the class.  They had great voices and it was a total blast.

Working my body in the pool makes me much limber and it really helps with my pain.  I also hit the machines which focus on building up my right-hand-side latissmus dorsi (which is the biggest muscle in the back).  My chiropractor said that once I get the muscles even (which will take hard work and lots of time on the machines), my back pain will diminish. My OA (osteoarthritis) in my left knee and my back pain are really where I experience the most pain, so it's awesome that I've found a way to tackle both of them.

On a mental-health note, I feel so much better after I go work out.  I'm basically of like a dog (or a kid) who hasn't been drained when I don't go.

I really enjoy my gym membership.  It's a gorgeous facility and it's so close that I could walk.

A word on the food... If you enjoy pizza, the pizza casserole is very flavorful and you will not be disappointed!  Besides the chopping and such, it's really quite easy to throw together.


  1. Pizza sounds awesome. Definately gonna try it. How many days a week do you do water aerobics?

  2. I just do it now and then... but not enough!