Friday, February 28, 2014

Unscrewing the screws

- Two eggs
- SF jello
- Two cinnamon flax muffins with butter
- Buttered broccoli
- Egg salad

Going to see my knee surgeon on March 19th.  Had a really, REALLY bad night with my knee where I could not even bend it to 90 degrees.  Felt like maybe the hardware was the problem.

I'm trying to keep a closer eye on my knee during the next month or so  and try to "feel" if the pain is in my hardware.  I know that I do have a great deal of knee pain and I think that the hardware removal might help to lessen the pain.  Only time will tell!

ETA: After reading some stuff online about it, I'm excited and actually looking forward to this surgery!  Most people experience a lot of relief and I think that he said it will be about six weeks recovery time... on a walker etc. Bring it on, baby!  


  1. Best of luck! Hopefully the knee pain will be gone soon. Hey, Loki's hardware comes out in 5 or so weeks. He's just a little furry guy but his pain real. Maybe you both will be feeling better soon!

  2. Aww thanks, Oct! I just wish I had a cool tent to recover in (on?) like Little Loki does ;)