Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moles and surgery... oh and low carb menu

- Two hot dogs with mustard and low carb ketchup
- Sloppy joe casserole with half an oopsie roll
- A piece of Atkins cheesecake
- Chicken BLT on half an oopsie with ranch dressing and mayo

I went to the dermatologist and they biopsied two questionable-looking moles. I had several that I was kind of worried about, but I really was shocked when the Physician's assistant took biopsies on two of them! One is under my arm (on my bat-wing) and the other is on my thigh. Leave it to me to get moles-that-need-biopsies on my two least favorite body parts! I do like my legs, but my upper upper thighs are just kind of "baggy" after losing a lot of weight and my arms are straight up bat wings!

I went to the same dermatologist that my mom had good luck with last year, treating her melanoma.

"We will only call you if it's melanoma," she told me.

In other news, my surgery is scheduled as a "go" on August 23, 2011. Less than a month away! I'm getting reconstructive knee surgery.... They are bettering the angle in which the tibia and femur come together.... which basically involves cutting a wedge out of my pelvis... (And when they say pelvis, I have no clue where the cut will even be!), sawing my femur in half and putting the wedge into my femur.

I'm going to ask, but I'm pretty sure that they are borrowing bone to avoid having to resort to the dreaded permanent-hardware in my leg. I already have staples in each knee causing me issues, so I'd rather not go that route again.

I weighed in at 228.6 and it sucks. Two pounds of a gain! Honestly, I need to think of other things to do with friends besides go and pig out. Why does every social situation seem like we are around a pig trough??

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  1. Good luck with the moles! My mom has a few that were more than just little dots of color, but she successfully had them removed. I don't remember what they are called when they are lumpy but I know some people just get those through heredity and they aren't cancerous. It's great that you are having them checked out though. Better safe than regretting it later!

    Also best of luck regarding the surgery!