Friday, February 15, 2013

Good news from Surgeon

Great news at the surgeon's office!  He said that my knee looks good and I just have to come back in a year and make sure my knee is still a-okay.  He said that he could not be more pleased and that he is very happy with the results.  He is proud of me for getting off the narcs, which was not an easy thing to do.  I respect him so much and he has really changed my life. 

Now, before he operated on me at all, when my knee was still deformed, he speculated that he would have to operate on the top of my knee (which he did) and the bottom also.  However, the surgery was so successful that he is satisfied with the results and does not think additional surgery is required at this point. 

"If I were to do surgery at this point," he explained, "I feel like I would be doing it for the x-ray and not the patient."

Awesome, right?

Here is a picture of me and my fiancee, who stood by me through the entire thing, even the months when I was non-weight-bearing and stuck in a wheelchair.  This is us on the fourth floor parking ramp of the hospital. Ang, I never could have made it through without you! 

Valentines Day Eats:
- Four eggs
- Burger with lettuce
- Smoked cheddar cheese (Valentine gift was more than 2 lbs of this stuff... It's from Australia and it was aged for nine months!!)
- Four eggs with sausage

What I ate on February 13th:
- Four eggs
- Low carb goodies from Old Country Buffet
- Four eggs


  1. Thumbs up! Well done. Your surgeon does sound exceptional...many would "do it for the x-ray" and not the patient. (I sound cynical but this is an ex-nurse speaking!)

  2. I love everything about this post. Great knee news and awesome cute pic. I love you girls!! :)

  3. Judith - that does not sound cynical at all. I've had four knee surgeries and this is by far the best surgeon I've found. For me to have gone under the knife again, I had to find a guy I could literally trust my life with and that is him. He does over 300 reconstructive joints per year, dealing with deformed and arthritic joints specifically. He's totally the man.

    Oct - We love you too!