Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sweets for the sweetie, surgeon appointment & happiness book

- Four eggs
- Burger with lettuce
- 1 oz cheddar cheese
- Chicken
- Four eggs
- Two sausage patties

Today is my brother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Tony!

Lazy Sunday around here.  One dog is in the recliner in my office, snoozing and my gf and other dog are still in bed.  Ang has been sick this week, so I've been doing my best to steer clear of her.  I miss my cuddles, darn it!

I'm thinking about what I can make for my sweetie that is sweet for Valentine's day.  I was thinking about heart-shaped cookies based on this recipe, subbing out low carb bake mix for the oat fiber and such.... Or maybe just chewy chocolate chip cookies. I think she actually wants to eat off-plan on V-day, so maybe just get her some other candy.  Who knows?

I go back to my knee surgeon this week (on Wednesday) for a 18 month post-op appointment and I'm sure he will say all is well.  I'm off the narcs and I feel that my knee is still doing great... (some pain, but none that cannot be managed by some pain meds, rest and biofreeze).  So I'm expecting a thumbs-up from him.

 I avoid the scale at all costs, but my size 12 jeans still fit fine (that is the lowest size I've gotten to), so even if I've put some weight back on, it's not that much considering I've lost so much.  I probably will do a weigh-in soon when I'm feeling skinny.  Can I just say for the record that I hate the scale? 

I really have been enjoying this book on Happiness.  I enjoy that it has a scientific approach to its methods. Spending time with my art supplies makes me happy.  

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