Monday, March 10, 2014

Low carb menu

- Two eggs
- SF jello
- 2.5 (whole) deviled eggs with extra mayo
- Sausage quiche with mayo

This sausage quiche is awesome.  While I'm an egg girl, it's the girlfriend's go-to breakfast, most every day of the week.  Every time I eat some, I'm surprised at how good it is. :)

I called in my pain meds today and the receptionist told me that I had to go in to pick it up.  I'm assuming I will have to do a drug test or the rules have changed on it because they can usually just call it in.  It's about an hour-drive each way, but it's a gorgeous day for a drive.

Other than that, just getting some work done and re-organizing (and re-contact-papering the below-the-sink bathroom cabinet, which has been a huge undertaking).

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