Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nice day to be inside

- Two eggs
- Jello
- 2.5 whole deviled eggs with mayo
- Two cinnamon flax muffins with butter
- SF gelatin parfait

Seriously, I love eggs!  They are so incredibly versatile!  Last night, I made the gf some over-easy eggs and am just amazed at how healthy they are... and the many forms that they can take!  I've heard them called nature's perfectly packaged little protein and I could not agree more.

Still waiting to hear back from my doc on my pain meds.  Turns out, they are doing end-of-the year (in March?) drug screening so that is why I will have to go in.  I think they actually just make sure that the drug does show up in my system to make sure that I'm not just getting it Rx'd to me and selling it out on the street. 

We got a huge amount of nasty, heavy snow, so I'm just gonna wait 'til tomorrow to make the hike.  The highway I take is kind of known for being super bad in bad weather, so probably best to stay home and it's probably not ready yet anyway. 

Otherwise, work is busy and I'm just counting my blessings to be working from home in this treacherous Michigan winter.  How'd I get so lucky? :)

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