Sunday, March 9, 2014

Skinny jeans, awesome lil sister & Jillian Michaels!

 Friday's Low Carb Eats:
- Two eggs
- SF jello
- Three cinnamon flax muffins with lots of butter
- Tuna salad

Saturday's Low Carb Eats
- Two eggs
- Roasted chicken leg quarter (without the skin because I was unsure of any possible high carb offendors)*
- A thick slice of roast beef, about the size of a deck of cards*
- SF jello
- Tuna salad

*I enjoyed these at my Grandma's 90th birthday celebration. Ang & I sat with my grandma's friends and
they were so amazing.  Those older women really tell it like it is, especially my grandma's friends! I was proudly sporting my size 6 jeans and tall black leather boots and feeling cute.

Been sleeping a lot lately because me and the gf have been sickie bear with colds, plus my knee has been a little ouchie.  I think it is the weather because everybody we know seems sick. 

In fun news, I hung out with the little sister a few times last week!  She was home for Spring Break and "home" is with our dad, which is only an hour away.  I found a gorgeous bridesmaid dress.  I wasn't even going to try on any halter styles, but of course, my gf knows best! I tried it on and as soon as I came out, I felt pretty & confident and my gf immediately said, "That is the dress!" (and she was right!) 

We also discussed her Bachelorette party, which I'm throwing as part of my Maid-of-Honor duties.  I feel like we're getting closer, which I really enjoy.  She is blossoming into her own woman and she is one cool chick.  I'm 12 years older than her and I guess she is considered a half-sister, but to me, she is just a regular sister.  Calling somebody a half-sibling seems weird.

Gearing up for a busy month!  We have two more birthday parties, a baby shower, a surgeon appointment, a dentist appointment & we are going to see Jillian Michaels.  This is a lot for us as we are typically home bodies.  Ang has always considered Jillian Michaels one of her life "pack leaders," so I knew that I had to scoop up tickets while I could when I heard she is coming to my Alma Mater. We are in the 9th row! 

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