Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ketchup for a buck and good parking

- Roast beef with mayo & low carb ketchup
- The rest of the roast beef (sad face) with lotsa mayo & lc ketchup
- Cinnamon flax muffin with butter
- Two fried eggs with a hot dog, mayo, mustard and lc ketchup

We found the reduced sugar Heinz ketchup at our local Dollar Tree, so you know we scooped them all up.  Score!  They are typically close to 3 bucks apiece and we like ketchup on everything, sooo... I remember when I first started doing low carb (about 14 years ago!), low carb ketchup was unheard of.  It's nice to have a lc ketchup as good as Heinz, even when it's top dollar - it's worth it!

Still "on the mend" with my hardware removal knee operation.  Went by the DMV yesterday and got my three month handicapped parking permit. 

Is it time to get out some of the spring clothes or what?  The gf saw a snowflake last night, so I'm almost afraid to ask.  We did haul our shovel down in the basement a couple weeks ago, however, in good faith....

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