Friday, May 9, 2014

Low carb menu

- Two eggs with lettuce
- Two cinnamon flax muffins with butter
- SF jello
- SF gelatin parfait
- Two eggs with lettuce

We caught another feral kitty!  The other one is spayed and we're keeping her for five to seven days until she can be released.  Turns out the place is not open 'til Monday, so we can take her in then to be fixed.  We caught another female in the live trap, which is good.  Two females in as many days!

We're going to Mom's house on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day.  We got her an orchid, a Mother Theresa canvas and guardian angel necklace.  I know she will be tickled.

The gf got me some new clothes for Mother's Day too because she says fur babies do count and I'm a good mommy.  So yay!   

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