Thursday, May 22, 2014

Still egg-fasting

We're going a little more lax with the eating while at my cousin's wedding, but we are still staying on plan as far as eating low carb goes.  This means that instead of eggs, we might eat a bunless burger or a couple sausage patties in lieu of some eggs for a meal or two.

- Two eggs with jalapeno mustard and mayo and lettuce
- Same thing as above, for lunch
- Cinnamon flax muffin with plenty of coconut oil (love it when it gets a little soft and squishy in the warmer weather... omg so yummy, almost like a super healthy frosting like consistency)

The gf has never lost so much weight -- so quickly, that is.  She is not as focused on the number as the result, but her shrinking waistline speaks for itself.  She has always been gorgeous, but she is getting to her naturally healthy weight and more importantly, a healthier version of herself.

We look at eating mostly eggs as a way to fast-track the low carb process.  Instead of taking back roads to weight loss, it's like taking the expressway. Why not, right?  It's easier on the wallet as well.

It was the gf's idea to "egg fast."  She is going under the knife on July 16th (tonsillectomy), so she wants to be as healthy as possible before anesthesia.

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