Monday, May 16, 2011

Corn chip belly ache


- Grilled chicken breast with mushrooms and onions
- Broccoli
- One piece of garlic bread
- Bugles corn chips
- Parmesan cheese-breaded pork sirloin with low carb ketchup

The bugles gave me an instant stomach ache! Like, bad. My chiropractor told me that if you abstain from a certain food for a period of time, and the reintroduce it into your body, then you will get a true reaction of your body's response to said item.

I figured, I could have some chips, no big deal.... But it is a big deal! My stomach pains were much more severe than menstrual cramps and if it was hurting me so much, I can only imagine what was going on down there in my poor stomach.

Losing weight aside, I just feel better when I eat clean.

1 comment:

  1. There are so many reasons to eat clean, the least of which is weight loss. I'm sorry that you went through that pain. I've experienced sick evenings like that after eating junk. And my body was used to junk at the time. Maybe your body is less tolerant because it's used to a higher standard of living now. Just a thought...