Monday, May 9, 2011

Low carb menu

- Pork bbq on an oopsie roll with cheese, diced tomatoes and diced green peppers
- 2/3 steak with mushrooms and onions
- One egg, fried in butter
- Cauliflower with butter and sour cream
- Half a piece of garlic bread
- Pumpkin bake
- Pork rinds with bacon-cheddar sour cream dip
- Two sausage links


  1. can you make a garlic bread oopsie?
    darn ye garlic bread - I curse thee!
    I like it, too!
    glad it's not a problem for you!

  2. Oh, it totally is a problem for me, Anne... Totally..... I love my garlic bread and they made my favorite kind, but at least it's gone and half a piece is really nothing compared to the "old" me....

    I am making more oopsies soon and they could sooo easily be made into garlic bread. I'm wanting some oopsie-cheesy bread really soon... or oopsie pizza.

    Oopsies are such a versatile little crust, aren't they??

  3. yum yum oopsie!
    the cauliflower pizza crust is versatile, too!
    Maybe the garlic will keep away the Carb Vampires....
    They only vant to suck the lipids from your blood!

  4. That cauliflower pizza crust is my mom's absolute favorite... seriously. Did you know that you can even freeze it? Now that is what I call frozen pizza! Just thaw it out and I'm getting knee surgery soon (I think -- orthopedic consultation this week) so standby in case I need a nurse!!

    I'm wearing one of my free Netrition tees today (the XL army style one) and I totally remembered you in the picture wearing one just like it! Yay for free tees! Oh, yeah, just part of being low-carb success stories! :)

  5. I can't wait to see the t-shirt. : ) I love pumpkin anything. (Except soup. So not really everything.) The pork bbq was absolutely amazing though. So good...