Thursday, May 5, 2011

Low carb menu

Low carb menu from Wednesday

- Double whopper with no bun
- Chicken veggie soup
- Sharp cheddar cheese
- A few bites of pork bbq


  1. how are you doing Ang, I am blah. its raining and this morning I finally weighed myself and I had lost zero pounds. I'm exhausted. I think Im going back to bed today. :-P

  2. I really like sharp cheddar. I get the cracker barrel 2% packs that are individually packaged. That way the block of cheese doesn't get hard after you slice it. I only get them when they're on sale though. lol.


  3. Nancy, I'm okay at best. I have a super-scary appointment with a sports medicine surgeon / orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knees next week. As you know, the angle on my left knee is wrong and though I'm 50 pounds down, the pain has been so bad lately that I really just need to meet up with this surgeon and make a plan for healing my knee. It looks like it's gonna be a surgery where they take a wedge of bone out and reposition it in another spot in one of my leg bones to make the angle correct on it. The way it is now is just causing degenerative arthritis not to mention back issues, but my one-inch lift on my shoe will help that, no doubt.

    Also, my mom has been battling breast cancer, but I guess that I'm just glad I can be here for her.

    We are low carb super-stars, Nancy... We can do this thing! I say you whip up some of that low carb peanut butter fudge of yours and I will make the coffee. I have super-good Starbucks grounds on hand :)


  4. I have never met a cheese I didn't like, Angie.

  5. Hi again Ang,
    I am so sorry to hear of your knee and your mom!!! Wow you have alot to deal with. I hope your knee surgery goes well, when do you have to get that done? What stage of treatment is your mom in? I know a few women who have had breast cancer and they beat it, and another right now, who is going through chemo and hers is stage 3C so that is pretty bad, but she is responding to treatment well so I think you have every reason to be optimistic. I always see the Race for the cure and pink things everywhere and I wish that instead of a cure, they found the cause, and it could be prevented, you know what I mean? Though I guess the cure will BE knowing what causes it. Westerm medicine though, they are all about fixing things after they are broken.
    Is your knee probably something you were born with or an old injury? Too many questions I know.
    As for low carbing, we just have to keep with it and keep trying new recipes so we dont get bored. I have a facebook and blogger friend who had lapband surgery, had complication and decided to get gastric bypass. Well that was Dec 13. She hasnt had any real food since and is wasting away. She has been in and out of the hospital and now they are saying they have to connect her esophogus directly to her intestines. I am so shocked that this is an option. She cant eat anymore, has to have a tube to feed her nutrients so that she won't die, because her body wont absorb nutrients. Sure she has lost 80 pounds but she could still die, I am so sad for her. It made me angry that weight is such an issue that our medical people are willing to suggest cutting out stomachs and leaving tiny pouches and rerouting intestines as an option.
    We should strive to be healthy and lose weight if we can, but never lose sight of the fact that our bodies thin or fat are perfect and a thin one is not more perfect.....just smaller!

  6. Nancy, I had a thing called knock-knees, basically due to genetics. When I was 12 and 13 years old (15-16 years ago), my parents took me to my family doctor, who referred me to an orthopedic pediatric surgeon, who put staples in both sides of my growth portions of both knees. Fortunately, my right knee turned out okay as far as the angle of how the top and bottom come together.... but the left leg is actually over-corrected form of knock knees, which actually causes more pain and complications that the knock knees themselves. It was basically because my surgeon at the time had no clue (and did not do the research) about how tall I would get. I'm almost 5'10'' tall now and he just kind of stereotyped the fact that I'm a girl and did not take into account that my mom is 5'9'' and my dad is 6'2.'' Anyway, now I'm left with a left knee that is very painful, due to the wrong angle on it, due to surgery-gone-wrong. It never really bothered me for years until the pain caught up to me and now I'm like, okay, what can I do to fix this basically.

    Wow, I cannot believe that it would every be okay to connect the esophagus to the intestines... that cannot be good.

    I actually went to a bariatric meeting and I did consider it when I was over 300lbs, but my brother who was going to RN school at time now is now an RN talked me out of and told me that they just don't know much about it.

    Also, my mom's sister died 2 weeks after weight loss surgery due to a blood clot traveling to her lung. She was only 29 years old, so I am desperate to avoid weight loss surgery at all costs. I realize some people benefit from it, but I cannot help but think that the medical industry and such is just missing the boat as far as pills, pills, pills and not getting to the problem, as you said.