Friday, June 17, 2011

Low carb menu & lowest adult weight

- Two eggs over-medium, fried in butter
- Low carb pancakes with sugar free Aunt Jemima syrup
- Meatballs w/ turkey gravy on an oopsie roll with hot pepper cheese and onions
- Mashed cauliflower
- Green beans with butter
- Tuna patty with low carb ketchup

Weigh-in: 234.0

That is over seventy pounds down from my highest weight of 306.4!!! I really can't believe that I have been able to lose seventy pounds "on my own." When I was over three hundred pounds, I didn't know that I could even lose twenty pounds, let alone fifty more than that! I was barely able to get through daily tasks with little energy I'm really just astounded that I used to carry around seventy more pounds than I do now.

The gf has been a huge support for me and she makes really good low carb fare, too. When I first met her, she must have hustled me because she told me that she did not know how to cook, but trust me, the girl can cook! She is too humble because she gives most of the credit to Linda Sue! She has gone from the 286 to 225 herself!

Back on May 11, when I had my first consultation for knee surgery, I was in the 250's at the doctor's office, so I'm so happy that I will be in the 230's for my next appointment. I want my surgeon to be a little shocked when he sees what a weight loss warrior I am. :) My knee pain has been a good reminder of my goals and also a good reminder than I want to get the shit fixed!

I'm just glad that I purchased health insurance three years ago (since I'm self-employed, I went a while without any), and that I'm very happy with the level of experience and expertise this surgeon has. Plus, he is local! However, knee surgery is freaking me out. I meet with my surgeon next Wednesday.


  1. Darn-it ... I lost my comment because I changed pages before doing the character recognition step. Trying to remember what I said:

    Seventy pounds is life-changing as you know. Congrats to both you and your girlfriend! Best of luck with the knee. I didn't realize you were self-employed. I was self employed for awhile and will likely be again before my life is over. I didn't have insurance at that time but thankfully I escaped needing it. I don't think I would be so lucky next time (getting older and more active too, lol).

  2. I'm only too happy to cook for you, baby.