Monday, March 28, 2016

Low carb menu, one pound at a time

- One egg
- 1/3 of a container of Parmesan cheese

Weighed in at 192 today, which is a pound down.  At first, I remembered back in October when I was about 172 here... and then I got upset...BUT I'm currently about eight lbs down from 200, so it's all just a process.... a winding road.... and I'm lucky to have a great boyfriend who puts up with all of my issues with eating.  Sometimes, I get jealous that others can just seemingly eat what they want.... but I misused food... got too fat.... totally wrecked my metabolism....

I'm so happy with Tall Boy.  He is super amazing and we have so much in common. 

It was after I was in the shower and after I had a bunch of coffee, soda and Crystal Light).

Exciting news to come. :)  Promise.

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  1. Congrats on the pound down. You are on a roll! Ah, the 170's… how I miss them! I know what you mean about being jealous that others can eat whatever they want.

    Tell me about your Tall Boy!