Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Low carb menu and the Stay Puff Angela

Grand totals:

- Five eggs
- 3.5 jalapeno cheese smoked sausages
- SF syrup

I've been so bloated lately.  Like, super bloated.  I'm actually really worried about it, but with me leaving in about 36 hours to go out west, I'm kind of just leaving it on the back burner.  I was SUPER bloated after being on my feet for multiple hours (basically all day) so I wore some compression socks, which did help my legs, but then my eyes are retaining so much water in my eyelids. 

I know that being on my feet does not help, but I have had this issue for many months now.  

Of course, googling these things is never a good idea.  I do have a doc appointment scheduled after I return home mid-April, so we will see what he says.

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