Wednesday, May 4, 2016


- One egg
- Three eggs with half a head of lettuce

I think I was still full from the night before, to be honest.

For exercise (and fun), I took my dog for a stroll through the park... the one with waterfalls and bridges... and it lasted over half an hour -- just a little.

I think losing weight is about forgiveness.

Forgiving yourself for past sins and embracing the present... making one good choice after good choice and loving yourself enough to know that you deserve to eat good-for-you things...

When I was really big (over 300 lbs), I was just like "Well, fuck it... I'm fat anyway.." and I would hit the nearest dollar menu.

Yesterday, after my binge, I was like... not wanting to eat... feeling disgusting... but I forced myself to make a good choice...  I didn't even feel worthy for food -- which would have lead to super hunger that always lessens rational thought. 

Feeding yourself is loving yourself (or, in my case, hating myself and trying to shove it down with food, which was not good in the long-term or even really in the short-term)....

Just some thoughts... Working to figure it all out... 


  1. Working to figure things out too. Maybe these food/weight trials are leading us to becoming wise. :) Insert Yoda joke.

  2. Yes! Good point... "The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees?" maybe?