Thursday, May 12, 2016

Low carb menu

- 10 eggs, fried in butter
- Half a head of lettuce
- Mustard
- 3 oz sunflower kernels

Weigh-in: 167.0 (yay)


  1. Oh wow, 167! That means you are actually likely in the 140's or 150's if you don't count the skin that is going to be removed (I know, nasty to talk about but I'd be counting what I would be after the surgery if it were me). Lol. I did that before my breast reduction surgery (10 pounds removed, ugh).

  2. I will have to ask him how much skin he chops of... in weight.

    Hello, Merchant of Venice!

  3. When did you go under the knife?

  4. It was a good while ago. I think 2002.