Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Low carb menu

- Roasted chicken thigh
- 7.5 eggs, fried in butter
- Half a head of lettuce
- Mustard

Weigh in: 167.8

Headed to the doc today.....  Just for medication refills. 

Boyfriend is going to be moving out here in just over two months!


  1. Excited for you in so many ways. First, you are back in school to work toward your RN. That is over-the-top exciting. I'd not heard of a professional blood-taker but though it's something I couldn't never do, it is very cool. I've often thought (in times of low work) how cool it would be to have been a radiologist or someone paid to scrutinize images. Not going to happen for me but it's just another thing I would have been good at. Before Lasik, that is. lol Now I need reading glasses to scrutinize tiny images.

    Okay, back to you. You are still in the 160's. So jeally. You are doing SO well. Though eggs aren't a love of mine, I'm turning to them more because of you. :D

    Yay for the boyfriend moving closer soon, too.

    How's that pup of yours? Loki is doing well on his reduced lysine schedule. Long story but he's getting half as much as his normal daily dose and no runny eyes so far.

  2. Yeah, I'm not even sure why I'm going into nursing, but I'm into it. I think I'm just wanting more stability (and something more rewarding maybe) than what I'm doing now. But I might just do part time nursing ... with my self employed stuff on the side... the low hanging fruit and such.

    Yeah, I think the bf is moving in. I'm equally excited and terrified. Well, maybe more terrified. haha