Friday, July 15, 2016

Eating for a bandaid never works!

- Twelve eggs, fried in butter
- 24 oz cream cheese
- Sf jello with heavy cream

More night time eating..... I went crazy because I made a STUPID mistake on a credit/no credit quiz for my college class.  I neglected to fill in all of the boxes!!'

These quizzes are supposed to be "gimmie" points because you can literally print out the questions beforehand.

Luckily, my prof knows I try hard and I think he likes me.  I'm the kind of girl who you either love or find really annoying.   When I was in the hospital, he told me not to worry about the Test, the he could just not factor it into my grade, but not only did I show up, I got the highest score in the whole class. 

I pray my professor will give me the benefit of the doubt.  It really just takes my grade from a High-A to a Mid-B (from a 94 to an 86), but to go down like this would be a shame. 

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