Tuesday, January 5, 2010

21 Day Challenge - Back to the low carb basics!

21 Day Challenge!!!

Start Date: Wednesday 1-6-10 thru Wednesday 1-27-10
  • At least two servings of veggies daily!!!
  • Eat at dining room table in a candle-lit environment (just for me, yeah) with fork and knife, slowly and consciously. Eat without music, television or reading something. Eat consciously, slowly and gratefully.
  • Low carb desserts are okay...
  • Some type of cardio daily... I'm going to get back on my bike and enjoy a fun TV show during it.
This challenge comes after a drive-thru binge and candy that left me feeling like crap... More emotionally beat-up and shot-down than anything. I was having such a good day, had a lovely low carb breakfast and by late afternoon, I kind of used food to celebrate...

What was I thinking?

I'm back on track now... I even had a yummy spaghetti squash type dinner and it was amazing.

Back to the basics!!!

Now... who is with me??!?!?

21 Day Challenge - who is with me??


  1. Do not beat yourself up, it happens. So you binged whats a big deal??? You have good attitude. I will cheer you on and I know you will do good. And that dinner plan sounds excellent. If you are bored or lonely or have extra to share count me in.

  2. hmm I will do the challenge with you..but I need to skip the candlelight dinner part..LOOL I just don't have that much time and I don't feel like buying candles :)

  3. i will do the challenge with you! I need a jump start after my terrible last THREE MONTHS, lol. I just have had a hard time I think with much stress at home and the holidays. But am ready to start over!

  4. Yay! Glad you guys are joining me :)

    Vadim - Come on over and bring the vodka!

    Low Carber - Candle lighting optional :)

    Nancy - Glad you are joining in on the low carb fun.

    My mindset is getting back to the basics... Meat, eggs, veggie. Repeat.