Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 2 Low Carb Challenge

Day 2 Low Carb Menu - Low Carb 21 Day Challenge

- Tuna salad with tomato on an oopsie roll
- Spaghetti squash casserole
- Low carb vanilla ice cream with natural peanut butter and whipped cream
- Meatloaf sandwich on an oopsie roll with Swiss cheese, mayo and a tomato slice
- Pork chop, breaded with Parmesan cheese and low carb ketchup with mashed cauliflower, butter and a little hot pepper jack cheese

Coming off the carbs is not fun. Since we needed fat to survive back in the day, I guess it's a good thing that our bodies want to hold onto fat... which is why going into fat-burning mode [read: ketosis] feels hellish sometimes. But only at first!!! I know it's not permanent... and I can't wait to be completely feeling normal again by eating this way.

How is everybody else doing out there in bloggerland??



  1. I'm intrigued by the low carb products you can buy in the US, like ketchup and icecream. Jimmy Moore used to use heaps of them, I noticed from reading his blog. Over here in NZ there is nothing like that. However I don't miss them because you don't miss what you've never had. I had a reasonably good day, ate too many almonds but nothing disatrous. Didn't get around to making the oopsies -- tomorrow!

  2. Judith - I really need to cut back on the ice cream. I'm glad that yesterday I finished off a half-gallon so I won't be tempted with it for a while. For me, a cheesecake or something like that is even more satisfying and not as easy to over-eat. I realized recently, I eat more ice cream now than I did before I was eating low carb, which is insane. I am back to cheesecakes for a while. (Oh, poor me, right?) :)

    Glad you are doing well... What kind of almonds do you eat, just out of curiosity?

  3. I buy raw almonds from the bulk bins in our local supermarket. I used to just eat them raw, but since reading "nourishing Traditions" I have started doing what they recommend, namely soaking them overnight and then roasting them very slowly the next day. They are delicious like that.

  4. I never tried lc ice cream.... not until I am at my goal weight....
    For me, why tempt fate?
    You eat my portion for me, until I catch up, ok?!

  5. I have been back on low carb for a week now and my old weird and debilitating symptoms came rushing back. It all starts with this weird bloating gas and pulsating stomack sensation. And unless I go to the bathroom and empty my intestines I feel like passing out. My heart starts racing like crazy. Scary, but I am learning to live with it for now until I figure out what in the world is causing it. It might indeed be some kind of body readjusting its metabolism and switching from burning sugar for energy to ketones, who knows! So hang in there!

    P.S. I attempted to make oopsie roll last night and ..... It came out flat, tasteless and heavy! I did screw up the recipe, lol, so its my fault. I started beating up the egg whites at 1 am and didnt get to stiff part, it was semi-soft to say the least, lol and I just went with the flow. Plus I added some coconut flower into the yolks, big mistake. And on top of it all I almost burnt the kitchen. So I learned a very important lesson; If its not stiff enough, go to sleep and have a nice dream instead!

  6. Judith - Those slow-roasted almonds sound lovely!

    anne - I've eaten enough low carb ice cream for both of us in the last week...

    Vadim... Hope you are feeling better!!! Your oopsie story made me laugh. One of these days, I'm going to make a video of me making oopsies because it's seriously a science.


  7. please do make a video. I seriously need it!