Thursday, January 14, 2010

You are only defeated if you give up.

Low Carb Observations....

Did you pig out at a buffet to the point of pain? Did you drive through your local fast food place for a little fourth meal? Oh, well! Yeah, I said it. Who gives a crap? Nobody really cares. I mean, the only thing to really suffer is your health.

Nobody cares that I spent fourteen dollars in the past three days on fast food. I'm only screwing myself over when I do this. If I think I'm being "rebellious," that is a load of crap.

I'm done with that roller coaster of fat and sugar. I woke up this morning utterly craving more.... Breakfast at my local fast food chain never sounded so good. Instead, I decided to tell myself to shut the eff up and stick to my low carb plan. I read a couple low carb blogs and a blog of this girl who follows weight watchers... that made me realize that I can say "no" to myself... It's okay if I'm having cravings for EVERY single one of my favorite high-carb foods... all at the same time!!! What goes on between my ears does not mean that I have to add inches to my waistline. I can tell the chubby girl inside me to go her room, that we are NOT deviating from the plan today. No matter what. Period. It feels kind of good. The empowerment also beats the guilty-sick feelings that my trigger foods bring to me.

The good news is this.... you are not defeated when you fall. You are only defeated when you refuse to get back up.

In other words, who cares that I had a bad couple of days? I'm back on track and I can lose weight this week still... this month... this year... this decade.... and by making good choices every day about the fuel I feed my body, I am literally adding on years to enjoy the good stuff life has to offer.

We have a gorgeous sunny day and thirty-eight degrees feels wonderful after that ultra-cold snap. My dog dragged me down the road for a mile and I loved it.

On a personal note, my morbidly obese colleague passed away last night. It's very sad... What obesity can rob from us.

Yours in cutting out the processed crap from our stomachs, minds and obsessions,


  1. good for you for putting your chubby girl in her place, LOL I need to do that, tell myself, shut the eff up and eat your chicken and broccoli! Ha ha

  2. That's the spirit Angie. Well said. I needed to read that this morning. I need to tell my inner fat girl that wine is a weekend treat, not an every day thing.

  3. Angie, its ok. We still love you! dont even sweat it. I believe in you. I believe you will get it done.

  4. Thanks for the support, ya'll!


  5. You're my inspiration, and my hero. (What? We can be each other's heroes, can't we?)