Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good enough

I get so sick of counting on people and letting them let me down. Yeah, it's really own my fault, for whatever expectations that I come up with in my own mind for them to follow, and inevitably, it all seems to fall by the way-side. Dr. Phil says we get angry with people when they do not live up to our expectations of them.

I'm very hard to get to know, and when I do let somebody "in," it's a big deal for me. After they let me down, I always think the same thing, "Why did I let that person in?"after they have disappointed me... then I quickly retreat.

Letting people in who do not treat us right can just further our belief system that we are not good enough.

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in: 258.6.

1 comment:

  1. WOW - I could have written this my own self!

    But I would add - that people (we -I - me - us)
    We find ourselves in all kinds of crazy crap.
    And we are all struggling at times.....
    So I try to be understanding and even forgiving
    .....of myself and others....
    Like that famous quote -"Be kind -for everyone we
    meet is fighting some kind of battle...."

    On the other hand - hells to the yeah!
    It sucks for sure!
    Hope you find some goodness in there somewhere,
    and keep on being ok! ☮