Thursday, March 10, 2011

Low carb eats

My low carb menu for today:

- Two scrambled eggs, fried in butter
- Cheesy tuna casserole
- Small handfull of English walnuts
- Home made pork bbq meat with mashed cauliflower and butter
- M&Ms (noooooooo) - only a handfull
- Protein pancake

I lost a couple pounds yesterday already! Well, I weighed in at 272.4, which is a big loss for the first day. I realize a lot of it is water weight, but if it's that much closer to putting me in the 260's, I will take it!!!

Check out the low carb bbq recipe! It's so good and thick that I always end up dilluting it down with the drippings in the crockpot before I eat it. If you are using it directly on BBQ chicken or what have you, you could just add extra ketchup. Warning, super rich and tangy! SUPER tasty! Trust me, nobody would ever realize this is low carb... The whole carb eating family will love it.

How are YOU all doing??



  1. mmm that all sounds delicious! lately Ive been making pork shoulder roast in the crockpot and adding BBQ sauce at the end. For mine I use walden farms, and its passable but not great. How do you make yours low carb? My guys love sweet baby ray's sauce on theirs--now you know we cant eat that LOL!

  2. I added a link to the recipe, Ariel! I think you will really enjoy it. I didn't have liquid smoke or lemon juice on hand, but it came out super good anyway.

  3. You deserve to be happy and healthy. That is all. : )