Friday, April 8, 2011

Crazy bread and the girl who stole my heart

Freedom is choosing real foods to nourish my body with... foods provided by this lovely Earth, not an assembly line where profit and addictive-nature are the bottom line. Yeah, I'm basically back on the band wagon. I'm gonna plow through the 250's like nobody's business.

Yesterday's eats:

- Two egg omelet with colby~jack cheese, fried in butter
- Little Caeser's nasty pizza ~ three pieces with crazy bread too ~ an appropriate name, I think, because I'm crazy if I eat it, knowing what it does to my insulin levels
- Mom's crazy cabbage

Wednesday's Weigh in was: 261.8

This song is dedicated to Angie, my wonderful and amazing new girlfriend. (Yeah, we have the same name. How cute are we?!) I hope she sees this. Oh, knowing me I will probably tell her about it before she finds the chance to find it herself.... *sigh*.


  1. Good luck with the 250's, and the new girl. Same names, that is sweet.

  2. I love you so much... *sigh*

    You are going to succeed. There is no option for failure. The universe must deliever what you focus on. So keep focusing on health and happiness. I will be here for you every step of the way.

    I love the song dedication. I'm so happy that you found me.


  3. Watching the video again. Just because you make me smile...


  4. Thanks, Oct!! Yeah, I'm gonna blast through the rest of the 250's. I can see my body changing and it's nice. It's nice to know I have the control.

    Angie... Thanks for the comments, Bright Eyes! :)