Thursday, March 1, 2012

Low carb menu, going for walks, and I love water

- Chicken/broccoli (cauliflower) "rice" with Dottie's cream of mushroom soup as a base for the sauce
- Cheese omelet
- Movie theatre popcorn

So, my walk yesterday was phenomenal. I also went for ANOTHER walk with the dogs just because I could. I would say that it was amazingly phenomenal, but that would be the understatement of the century. It was soooo awesome. I'm proud of where I've come and excited about where I'm going. I've lost over 100 pounds and overcome so much with undergoing knee surgery. It was hands-down the most difficult thing that I've ever accomplished and I'm a stronger and healthier person because of it. I never even suspected that another knee surgery could make me better, but it so did.

We went and saw Chronicle yesterday. It was okay... Not my favorite. I wanted to go off plan a little bit and I need to remember that I feel sick after going off plan, which is not fun. Today, I feel dehydrated even though I drank SO MUCH water yesterday. I just woke up less than an hour ago and I feel so dehydrated, which makes no sense. I've already drank several glasses of water, like two big glasses that are probably two cups each.

It's going to be a great month!! I plan to get down to 192 by April 1. If I lose eight pounds per month for four months, I will be at an ideal weight by the time I turn thirty! I actually only need to lose around 23 pounds to be considered "normal" weight.

Does anybody have big goals for this month? It's a brand new month, baby... We have a clean slate!


  1. Hi Ang,
    I came to say goodbye...I'm shutting down Blue Skies. I need to have less things going on online and refocus on writing. Are you on facebook? If you are I will add you there. I have to keep facebook because I have a bunch of family members that communicate with me there and also our kt support group that we are in (my daughter has kt) so I'm trying to consolodate everything and figure out what I really need to keep and what can go. And, unfortunately Blue Skies has to go.

    Good luck on your goals this month, of COURSE you WILL reach them! My goal this month is to lose ten pounds, and begin treadmilling/working out again.


  2. Nancy,

    I won't have it! I love Blue Skies and Low Carb Pies! I won't let you leave and that is that... Seriously... I forgot to write down that newest brownie recipe and now it's gone forever :(

    I do use facebook... Actually, I just use my girlfriend's to correspond with people because I'm a really private person, but I really just need to get my own.

    I wish you well and do respect your decision to focus more on your writing... but you can't just disappear, okay?!