Thursday, March 29, 2012

Low carb menu

- Two hot dogs fried up with diced green peppers and three eggs with one~carb ketchup
- A piece and a half of mock rice pudding
- Half a piece of zucchini lasagna with a buttered sesame seed bun
- A piece and a half of mock rice pudding
- Zucchini lasagna with a buttered sesame seed bun
- Pepperoni slices

Tomorrow is my little sister's eighteenth birthday. I called the local flower shoppe and arranged for them to deliver flowers and a balloon to the high school. I think it's fun for girls to get flowers at school to show them off to all of their friends. I told them that her favorite color is purple, so they are going to include some gorgeous purples in her bouquet. It makes me feel old, her growing up! I was 12 when my dad met my stepmom and 12 when she was born.

Tonight, we are going to see Hunger Games. I haven't read it, but Angie has and is looking forward to it.

Also, I decided to donate my old car to the wounded veterans through Purple Hearts. I'm kind of sad to see it go, but excited to see it going to a good cause. If you have a vehicle you are wanting to get rid of, you should check it out because it looks like a promising organization. My gf has donated a car to them also and that is how out I found about it.

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