Monday, August 20, 2012

Car light on, making sausages, jeans

- Three eggs with a sausage patty
- Three low carb pancakes with a sausage patty
- Chicken breast with low carb honey mustard
- Creamsicle jello
- Four eggs

My car was acting funny, so I'm taking it over to gf's oil shop today and see if they can help me out over there.  I think there is a machine that they hook up to it to help diagnose the Service Engine Soon light.... or something.

Other than that, I'm in so much pain from my TOM. Ahhhh....  Oh, well, this, too shall pass!

I still have been doing 13-15 mins per day on the recumbent bike, which does not seem like a lot, but it's helping my leg muscles build up in my knee, I think.

I've been pattying up my own sausages and they are like 10x better than the Great Value pre-pattied, pre-cooked ones from Walmart.  We pick them up when we see them for BOGO.

I ordered some new pants from Old Navy online.... Got some jeans for 18.75 and they are the only place where I can find that has a 36'' inseam for a good price.  I ordered size 10.... Even if they are little tight, they will just become my goal jeans.  

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