Thursday, August 23, 2012

One year since knee surgery & one last night with the sis

- Four eggs
- Chicken breast with low carb honey mustard
- Two whole deviled eggs
- Taco bake with lettuce, sour cream and salsa
- Creamsicle jello

Today marks my one-year anniversary of quitting smoking!!!  It's also one year ago today that I had my reconstructive knee surgery.  I had an open-wedge osteotomy of my femur to correct a malunion of my knee.  It's been quite a year, but overall a great one.

My little sister is spending the night with us tonight and we are taking her out to dinner and to go bowling.  Our bowling alley has 5 dollar unlimited bowling on Thursdays. She leaves in the morning to move into the dorms, so we just had to hang out with her before she leaves.  Her college is in-state, but it's a good twelve hour drive one way.  I can't believe she is going off to college already... Time sure flies!   So, it should be a fun night!

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