Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Doggy workout room and me

- Four eggs
- Three low carb pancakes with Walden's sugar free syrup
- Chicken with low carb honey mustard
- Creamsicle jello

The dogs and I have quite the morning routine going.  I put on my shoes and socks, take them out back to potty, then we all three head down to the basement.  They each get on a treadmill while I do the recumbent bike.  I get the laundry going for the first five minutes then I end up going about fifteen minutes on the bike.  Then, we all go upstairs.... They potty again and then I get my shower and basically start my day. 

The pug has always loved the treadmill since my gf has had him on it since he was 14 weeks old.  The big dog is actually starting to love it also! 

My gf is such a good dog trainer that it usually only takes her five minutes to teach a dog how to run on a treadmill.  I've seen it take close to ten with a particularly older, stubborn, dominant dog, but it always can be done. 

I have quite a bit of work on my plate today as far as web design and some graphic stuff and submitting my work to several places... and I have to hit up Walmart for a few things... and Meijer, too....for more shoes.  The shoes I got a couple days ago will not work with a lift... The shoe place said that the sole was too flimsy, which makes me sad because they were really comfortable!   I will just get take them back and get other ones, I suppose.  Maybe cute brown ones that will look cute with khakis sort of a deal.  My Meijer store has a deal this week.... Get a free 10 dollar gift card with a pair of Sketchers, so not bad at all.... Plus, lots of them are on sale now, too.

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