Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Strep throat sickie bear & quick and easy broccoli cheese soup

- Four eggs
- Half a piece of chicken/mushroom/sausage casserole with mayo
- A few bites of broccoli cheese soup (tasting it as I seasoned it)
- Sugar free jello

This soup is very tasty!!!  Gf requested it because she has been sick.  She called it a real hit! :)  I used some home made chicken broth and it's very quick and inexpensive to make.  I also had all the ingredients on-hand, which was another plus. I would say the one thing I did (after the broccoli was soft) is mash it with a pastry blender.

She finally went to the doctor today and is getting her antibiotics right now.  So, she should only get better from here.  I'm glad we're just playing it low key for Thanksgiving because she is under orders to relax and take it easy. The doc did not even bother to do a strep culture because she was sure it is strep and didn't want to waste her money administering the test.


  1. Feel better Ang's (Angieloo's GF). Strep throat is something that I remember well… I kept a cup of hot tea with honey by my side at all times. Taking a small sip of tea was the only way I could swallow

  2. Aww Thanks, Oct! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)