Friday, November 22, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Cinnamon flax muffin
- Sausage patty
- Almost half a head of iceberg lettuce with mayo

Started a cross-stitch yesterday and forgot just how much I enjoy working on them.  Had way too much fun!  Will probably head to the store today to pick up some supplies. 

Got the gf sick, which always makes me feel bad. I don't like seeing her sick especially since it's essentially my fault!!

Still enjoying Good Calories, Bad Calories, but I can see how some people are put off by the sheer science-mindedness of it all.  However, it really puts the hows and whys into perspective as to why the American Heart Association etc advocates for a low cholesterol diet.  I was thinking it was a helluva lot more conspiracy theory than it seemingly is.

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