Monday, November 4, 2013

Eating like a king

- Four eggs
- Smoked cheddar cheese
- Low carb chocolate swirl peanut butter cheesecake
- Grilled steak with mushrooms & onions and buttered broccoli

Tio Joe's Famous Tri-Tip
I feel like I'm getting smaller.  I've been doing the bike every day, which helps with my knee (a lot) and I've been cutting back on the eating as well (some days).  My size 12 jeans definitely are roomier than they have been.  I might order size 10 when the Black Friday deals come around. You really can't beat the Old Navy deals and I literally wait all year to buy stuff on that day.  They usually have five dollar long sleeved tees and ten dollar jeans.  I order tall because I have 36'' legs and really long arms as well. They also have talls in shirts, which is nice because they are nice and long in the torso and the arms. 

Yummy eats today!  Mom's yard is pretty much done. It was so much fun for me and the gf to hang out with my older brothers, my mom and my niece and nephew.   My knee will probably be ouchie for a while, but at least I was able to get up and help this year and hey, I work from my at-home computer, setting my own schedule, so life is good! 

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