Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Super yummy muffins: Just in time for Turkey Day!

- Four eggs (24 g protein)
- Sausage quiche with mayo (33 g protein)

I whipped up these macaroon muffins last night and wow... They will be a major treat!!!  I've always loved coconut and these are just sooo coconutty.

I subbed out the butter for some coconut oil and I didn't have coconut extract on hand, so I just used some DaVinci sugar free coconut flavored syrup in place of the 2 T of water and the same thing for half of the heavy cream.  I used a little less liquid splenda and these turned out sooo decadent.  Well, the truth is I haven't had one yet, but I did taste a crumb and you can just tell that they are going to be a hit.  Plus, they are 79% fat, which is fabulous.  I'm thinking about taking them to the Thanksgiving celebration that we are having at Dad's house.  Now, I baked mine in muffin top pans so that I can slice them in half and load them up with butter (or coconut oil), but I think that I might try and throw together a simple coconut flavored frosting and top them off with some toasted coconut.  Here's the frosting recipe that I'm going to use (with coconut syrup instead of vanilla or maybe half and half).  That will give me (and others) a decadent little dessert. 

I'm sure they would be almost as yummy using vanilla syrup (which I can get for a whole lot less, too).

I'm in charge of bringing a vegetable to Thanksgiving dinner at Dad's.  (Yeah, I'm getting off easy this year). I am thinking a cheesy cauliflower dish and maybe some buttered broccoli as well. 

Dad's Thanksgiving is not until Sunday, which is good because GF is still super sick.  She just got on antibiotics yesterday and I'm hoping that they will knock out her sickness.  Her doctor said if they don't work after a couple days, to call her.  Fingers crossed!

We had half planned on going to see a movie on Thursday, but we will see how she feels, of course.  As of right now, I'm just happy that she is all snuggled down and sleeping peacefully.  When she woke up a couple hours ago, she could hardly breathe because her tonsils are so swollen.  Her doctor says that if she ever decides to get them removed, her breathing would be more comfortable and she would be less prone to illness. 

Happy Thanksgiving, bloggies!


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