Friday, December 6, 2013

Low carb menu and new jeans!

- Four eggs
- No bake peanut butter cheesecake

My Old Navy order came!  My size 10 Tall jeans fit sooo great.  They are comfy and cute and I got them for a bargain price of $19.00 each, which is cheap for jeans for me.  I have a 36'' inseam and it can be tough to find jeans that are long enough.

While I don't feel lighter on my feet than I did at over 300 lbs, logically, I know I must be.  I don't get on the scale, but I know I've lost about 15 lbs this year and I'm probably within 10-15 lbs of my goal weight of 174.

One of my biggest strategies in losing weight is to get rid of the baggy jeans as I fit into smaller, which can be tough, but it has worked for me.  When you're wearing stretch pants, it's hard to know if you've put on a few pounds.

I'm into a size 10!!  Seriously??  Like, really into them... All FIVE pairs of jeans fit and they aren't even shockingly too tight. *throws a party*


  1. Wow! Congrats!!!! I dream of size 10 jeans… and someday I'll get there. Just gotta keep on keeping on as they say.

  2. Thanks! Yeah keep on keeping on... and you know you're doing so good! You are one of my biggest inspirations... How you always stay on track etc.

  3. Wow, well done!!! I am still struggling, I seem to be making very little headway but as you and Oct say...keep on keeping on. One foot in front of the other. It's great to have your progress as an example and inspiration.